Sunday, September 6, 2015

Before & After: Zoya Savita + Born Pretty Store BP-59

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Today I have a quick before & after for you inspired by this month's theme in The Nail Challenge Collaborative: Pets. I have the perfect plate for this theme sitting by waiting to be used, so I had to pull it on out!

I started with a base of Zoya Savita, a gorgeous deep purple matte with pink flecks:

Zoya Savita

I pulled out Born Pretty Store plate BP-59:

Born Pretty Store BP-59

Since of my pets 4 are cats and one is a dog, I thought it was only fair to start with a kitty manicure...I adore all the kitties on this plate, but the kitty up on the wire was just calling to me. So I stamped using Sally Hansen Lively Lilac, on my ring finger and thumb. And I asked myself, why would a kitty be up on a wire like that? Because he's chasing something, of I added a lavendar fimo butterfly on my pinkie for him to chase:

Kitty on a wire

Kitty on a wire

Topcoat finished the whole thing off; I love Savita in the matte form, but I also love how the amazing flecks come out when you put topcoat over it. And I love these cute kitties!

I did a video review of this plate along with several other Born Pretty Store plates, which you can see here:

As always, you can use my code to get 10% off of your non-sale purchase at Born Pretty Store:

Happy Stamping!


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