Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Moyra 44 Stained Glass!

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I hope you had a happy Easter! I made my very first hummingbird cake and it came out soooo good, it's definitely going in my permanent rotation. :)

Today I have my very first Moyra plate to show you--Moyra 44 Stained Glass! I've been eyeballing Moyra plates for a while, especially this one. My very first (and very tragic) nail art tutorial back in 2012 was my attempt to get a stained glass look eons before clear stampers came on the market (it's still on the channel, but it's not worth the 8 minutes to watch it, even for a laugh, lol). Now, with a plate like this, stained glass looks are simple and fast, and I'm in love.

Of course I did a video review of the plate:

And here's a look at it:

Moyra 44 Stained Glass

Moyra's full-nail images are 2.0 x 2.5 centimeters, so they're generous. That also means if you have shorter nails, you can pull 2-3 different areas from an image and still get full coverage, so plan out which part of the image you want before you start.

I've only heard good things about Moyra, so I wasn't surprised to find the images were top-notch quality, even with my clear stamper:

This plate is designed for more advanced techniques, especially leadlighting and reversed stamping, but simpler techniques are gorgeous still, too. Here are four ideas I swatched for you:

From left to right, here are the techniques I used:

1) Just colored in directly with sharpies (so easy!!)
2) Reversed stamping (how beautiful over Zoya Brighton, a golden-beige scattered holo!)
3) One-pass stamping
4) Watercolor sharpie technique

For my first manicure, I wanted to show you a technique I call reversed leadlighting--because instead of using colors that show over white, you use interference toppers that show over black:

Moyra 44 Stained Glass over Julep Ledi, with reversed leadlighting

Moyra 44 Stained Glass over Julep Ledi, with reversed leadlighting

Here's what I used:

Base polish: Julep Ledi
Stamping polish: Moyra 08 Silver
Fill-in toppers: Zoya Leia, The Lady Varnishes Dragon

This technique gives stunning impact with a very minimal amount of effort! So pull out all of those toppers you have, and get to playin'.

For my second mani, I had to use the gorgeous shell image on the plate. I wanted to capture that gorgeous look that shells have, so I used this glitter dust powder from Beauty Big Bang:

I'm not sure if it has real shells in it, but it sure looks like it! For my manicure, I stamped once to give a general guide where I should place my shell dust, and then added in some shimmer with Zoya Leia and Zoya Leisel. I put on two layers of topcoat over the dust, to even out the surface. Then I stamped over again to define the image, and stamped stained glass lines on the other nails:

Moyra 44 Stained Glass over Zoya Snow White, Haruko, and Trudith

Moyra 44 Stained Glass over Zoya Snow White, Haruko, and Trudith

Here's what I used:

Base polishes: Zoya Snow White, Zoya Haruko, Zoya Trudith
Stamping polishes: Moyra 08 Silver, Kaleidoscope st-02 White, Zoya Trudith (yes, it stamps!)
Fillers: BeautyBigBang glitter dust, Zoya Leia, Zoya Leisel

How pretty is that shell powder?! An image that beautiful deserves a little extra bling, I think. ;-)

In the US and Canada, you can find Moyra 44 Stained Glass, Moyra stamping polish, and Kaleidoscope stamping polish all at Lantern & Wren; check Moyra's site for retailers that ship elsewhere. You can find the glitter dust powder at BeautyBigBang, and use my code, MISHKA824M, for 10% off your order.

And don't forget to follow Moyra and Lantern & Wren around the interwebs for awesome inspiration:

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Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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  1. Oh all of these are amazing! I love the stained glass look too! Its so pretty!

  2. Am speechless. Your first mani is stunning! Such a great colour combination.

    1. Thank you so much! I love that interference leadlighting technique...sigh...


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