Wednesday, April 25, 2018

UberChic Beauty Collection 25 + Shinespark Polish Radical Flakes Collection = Awesome!

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Hey, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty cool...I got a tattoo I've been thinking about getting for a while, and am pretty excited about that. You can see it here if you're interested in that kind of thing...

But on to the nail art for today! I've been bitten by the drip marble bug, and had to play around with the neons in Shinespark Polish's Radical Flakes collection (you can see my review of the collection here)...I drip, drip, dripped and I swirl, swirl, swirled, and here's how it all came out:

Drip marble featuring Shinepark Polish's Radical Flakes Collection

You guys!! I've always loved the look of watermarbles but have never been able to make them work. But this--this I can do! How awesome is this?! I'm in absolute love with this technique.

And because I have to stamp anything that stands still, I stamped with UberChic Beauty plate 25-02, using Kaleidoscope St-02 White:

UberChic Beauty 25-02 over Drip marble featuring Shinepark Polish's Radical Flakes Collection
UberChic Beauty 25-02 over Drip marble featuring Shinepark Polish's Radical Flakes Collection

This is like tie-dye stained glass--I love it! This is one of those manis I didn't want to take off, the colors were just so beautiful.

Don't you just hate it when you drip polish on your perfect mani? For my final mani today, I went a little Dali-esque...There were a bunch of little drip parts from my drip marble that were super pretty, and I just had to find a way to do a mani with them. So, I did a gradient with the polishes, stamped little flowers from UberChic Beauty 25-02 with Kaleidoscope St-02. Then I added my drips on top, for extra surreal rainbow power:

UberChic Beauty 25-02 over gradient of Shinepark Polish's Radical Flakes Collection

Hey, drips like this can ruin my mani anytime. :)  But seriously, I was really impressed with how well these polishes worked together to make gradients and drip marbles, and I'll definitely be pulling them out for similar looks in the future. :)

Now I'm off to stare at my tattoo...;-)

Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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