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The Digit-al Dozen Does Indie Love Day 4: An indie polish maker, plate maker, and retailer walk into a bar...

(Press samples and affiliate links ahead!)


So, if you wondering why my Digit-al Dozen week goes from Day 2 to Day 4, you're not losing your mind--I wasn't able to get a Day 3 post up, but I will make it up at the end of the week! And, to make up for it, I'm going to pack a LOT into this post for you. So fasten your seatbelt...;-)

You know this month the Digit-al Dozen is giving our favorite indies some love. For my first two posts, I showed you an indie plate maker and an indie polish maker (and an indie stamping polish). Today I'm going to feature an indie polish maker, plate maker, and a stamper from an indie retailer.

So let's start with the plate: today we're going to be looking at Moyra 46 Scrabble, a plate with all sorts of cool fonts on it. Here's a video review I did of the plate:

And here's a look at the plate:

Moyra 46 Scrabble

Here are shots with a ruler so you can judge the size of the fonts--click to enlarge:

And here are some swatches/examples:

I decided to create my manis for this review using the Seriously Slim stamper from Lantern & Wren (an indie retailer!), because it's super small, so it's easier to pull of the individual letters off the plate, but it's still pretty darn easy to position your images even though it's not a clear stamper. I also did a video reviewing the stamper:

And here's a closer look:

Lantern & Wren's Seriously Slim Stamper

Here's a close-up of the stamping head, which is sticky and squishy:

And here's the very first four times I tried to stamp with it (the messed up heart is my fault, as you'll see in the video, lol):

For both of my manis, I used polishes by Shinespark Polish, another indie polish maker that I love. For my first mani, I used Scrunchie Tangerine, from her upcoming Radical Flake summer 2018 collection (releasing on April 20th, watch this space for my review!). I stamped using Messy Mansion polishes in Red-y Or Not, Banana Bender, and Carbon--and since Messy Mansion is also an indie, that means I packed FOUR indies into this post!!):

Moyra 46 Scrabble over Shinespark Polish Scrunchie Tangerine

Moyra 46 Scrabble over Shinespark Polish Scrunchie Tangerine

The little wing-dings in the center of the plate made me want to do a comic-book look, and I think this came out pretty cute! Next time I'll add in some comic-book images from some other plates I have, but I love this one just as it is, too.

For my next manicure, I used Shinespark Polish Circinus Galaxy, from her winter 2017 Galaxy Holo Flake collection: 

Moyra 46 Scrabble over Shinespark Polish Circinus Galaxy

Moyra 46 Scrabble over Shinespark Polish Circinus Galaxy

To make this mani, I used a masking technique so my constellations would be in the background, but not behind the actual hearts. I started by stamping my hearts in black, and then using mani defender latex barrier to mask off the heart shape. Then I stamped my constellations with Moyra Galactica using Moyra SP-08 Silver. Then I pulled off the latex, stamped my hearts again with Kaleidoscope St-02 White, and then stamped my letters also in white. Here's a video tutorial showing you how to do it: 

And in case you're wondering why you should bother with the masking, here's what it looks like if you don't mask it off--everything is muddled and the letters are harder to pick out. That's what inspired me to try to mask it: 

So there you have it! Four indies, three videos, two manis, and a partridge in a pear tree very tired blogger! I hope that makes up for missing yesterday.

You can find all of these products (except the Shinespark Polishes) at Lantern & Wren, and you can also follow L&W around the interwebs here:

I'll be back tomorrow with more indie love; in the meantime, check out the other manis linked below! :)

Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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  1. All of the looks are fun, and there are so many options on those plates!

  2. Loving that stamper - I had to pick it up during PPU from L&W. :)

  3. That tiny stamper looks so useful!

  4. Ohh, that last manicure is so cool! That small stamper seems really useful too!


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