Friday, October 5, 2018

Moonflower Polish Gemstones Collection Part 1!

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Today we're going to take a look at the new Gemstones stamping polish collection from Moonflower Polish--which is a HOLO stamping polish collection!

Moonflower Polish Gemstones Collection (Part1)

I made a video to show the polishes in action:

And let's take a closer look here...First up is Moonflower Polish Aguamarina (Aquamarine):

Moonflower Polish Aguamarina (Aquamarine)

For all of the manis, the nails I painted with the polish covered in one easy coat. Also, all of the images are stamped with UberChic Beauty Art Deco Chic plate.

Aguamarina is a rich, blue-leaning teal/aquamarine that calls up images of the deep sea for me. The opacity is excellent, and the stamping shows clearly over white and black, with full holo flash in effect!

Next up is Moonflower Polish Amatista (Amethyst):

Moonflower Polish Amatista (Amethyst)

Moonflower Polish Amatista (Amethyst)

Amatista is a deep, red-based purple that leaps out over both white and black--but that flash over black is particularly gorgeous! This is the sugar-plum fairy all grown up. Just stunning.

Next we have Moonflower Polish Diamante (Diamond):

Moonflower Polish Diamante (Diamond)

Moonflower Polish Diamante (Diamond)

Diamante is the perfect silver holo stamping polish--look at how perfectly solid that stamping is, fully opaque! This silver is a cross between a silver and a pewter, which makes it look bolder, in my opinion, and there's just no missing it's a HOLO. Love.

Next we have Moonflower Polish Obsidiana (Obsidian):

Moonflower Polish Obsidiana (Obsidian)

Moonflower Polish Obsidiana (Obsidian)

Obsidiana is a charcoal grey, not quite a black, but pretty darn close. I was surprised that it showed up as well as it does over black--the effect is subtle, but the holo still pops, and it's a classy effect. And look how beautiful it is over white! It's just a bit more sophisticated than a stark white on black.

And finally, we have Moonflower Polish Oro (Gold), which technically isn't a gemstone, but I think it counts because we set gemstones in it:

Moonflower Polish Oro (Gold)

Moonflower Polish Oro (Gold)

This isn't a 14K gold--Oro is pure, 24K all day every day. It's rich and bold and classy. Look at how beautifully that stamping pops!! Even without the holo, this could be a stunner. Add that holo in, and even Daisy Buchanan would kill to have this on her nails.

So what do I think overall? I'm extremely impressed with this collection. These are the most opaque, holo-est holo stamping polishes I've tried. If I had to pick a favorite, my head would explode--all of these will be in heavy rotation in my stamping. We're talking gorgeous color and top-notch quality here. GRAB THEM.

Moonflower Polish Gemstones Collection (Part 1)

These polishes will be available for pre-order in Moonflower Polish's store between October 12th at 12pm EST, through October 14th at 11:59pm, and future restocks will depend on the number of orders. They'll sell for $14 for full 15ml bottles, and $8 for the 7ml minis I show here. Set a reminder, because if you like stamping with holos, you don't want to miss these. I can't wait to see with she does with part 2 of the collection...

In the meantime you can follow Moonflower Polish all the places:

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