Wednesday, October 31, 2018

November PPU: Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper

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So, you know I put together a big post of the November Li-Z PPU polishes. Well, the post office took Stella Chroma's contribution on an extended walkabout, so it didn't make it in time to go into that post originally. So, I'm doing a separate post for it here, for two reasons. One, because Stella Chroma makes some awesome polish and you need to see it, but also because this polish is special because of who it honors, and how it honors her.

This is Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper, an espresso holo, which was inspired by Courtney Hartman:

Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper

Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper

Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper

Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper

Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper

Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper

Description: While I'm wearing two coats for the purpose of the photos, you'll get amazing coverage with just one coat. The formula is like butter, and dries quickly and shiny. 

Inspiration: Courtney Hartman. Courtney is the owner of 6 Harts Polish, and I'm proud to call her my friend. She's kind, empathetic, has a wicked sense of humor, is a jack of all trades (including beekeeping!) and never lets anything stop her. Which is good, because right now she's battling breast cancer, and it's putting up quite a fight. 

Price: $12.00
Cap: None

I also did a little bit of nail art with this, to honor Courtney and the theme of the polish:

Stella Chroma Badass Beekeeper stamped with Moyra 44

I wanted the gorgeous polish to be able to shine, so I did some simple stamping with Moyra Stained Glass 44 and Moyra Gold.

There's one more very important thing about this polish. To help Courtney with her battle, Stella Chroma will be donating $1 from the proceeds of each bottle of Badass Beekeeper she sells. So not only are you getting a gorgeous polish, you're helping to support an amazing lady.

Badass Beekeeper will be available during the November PPU sale between Nov. 2-5th. Don't miss it!

Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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