Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Seven Deadly Sins Nail Art Series, Day 2: Greed!

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Today's day two of my Seven Deadly Sins Halloween series (if you missed my Gluttony post, you can see it here), and today's sin is Greed...

...Which I decided to pair with zombies. Sure, it's fairly easy to say that zombies always want more brains, no matter how many they get, and that's greed. But, I'm gonna try to convince you this works on a deeper level, hehe. Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with liking nice things, or wanting to own nice things. But I think it can be all too easy to be lured into equating happiness with things, and then mindlessly try to pursue them in order to obtain happiness--mindless pursuit very much metaphorically like zombies. I'm not the first person to make this comparison--in fact, in Dawn of the Dead, one of the most famous zombies movies of all times, Zack Snyder has a deeply ironic scene of zombies taking over a shopping mall, an indictment of his fellow baby-boomers who turned their back on flower-power ideals for the pursuit of material goods that would epitomize the 1980's greedy 'Me' decade.

So, in that spirit, I started with a base of Spellbound Nails Greed, a mustard-wheat yellow scattered hollow with gold holographic glitter:

Spellbound Nails Greed

Then I dug out some really old plates and stamped with Cheeky 55 and Bunny Nails HD-C, using Messy Mansion Carbon for the dollar signs and Messy Mansion Ivy and Spring Green to gradient stamp the zombie hands:

Spellbound Nails Greed stamped with Cheeky 55 and Bunny Nails HD-C

So what do you think? Do zombies work for this? What Halloween baddie would you have paired with Greed?

Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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