Tuesday, October 30, 2018

(Before & After) Seven Deadly Sins + Halloween, Day 6

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Today we're on to a sixth sin: Sloth!

I'll admit, this one was the very hardest to come up with a match for...until I thought of the movie Seven. In that movie, the guy who gets killed for 'Sloth' is chained to a bed until he withers away to nothing more than a skeleton covered in skin. So, I figured, skeleton it is!

I started with a base of Spellbound Nails Sloth, a sky-blue holo with silver holo glitter:

Spellbound Nails Sloth

Then I stamped with Dixie Plates Halloween 2017 and MoYou London Punk 07, with Kaleidoscope White and Black, and Moonflower Polish Obsidiana:

Spellbound Nails Sloth as skeletons!

There's something a little creepy about skeleton hands and feet against a shiny, beautiful blue sky...

So what Halloween baddie would you pair with Sloth?

Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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