Monday, October 22, 2012

Before & After: Halloween Gradient


Today is another Halloween challenge manicure from the 'This Is Halloween' challenge...the theme today is to do a Halloween gradient. I chose to do a simple one, that I think is pretty creepy...muah hah hah haaaah haaaaaah...

I started with a base of The Nail Junkie's Frankenstein, a green-based polish with a mustard shimmer and black hex and bar glitters:

The Nail Junkie's Frankenstein

To create the gradient, I combined this with The Nail Junkie's Black Cat (I'm holding the bottle for it in the first picture), a black jelly with silvery-black glitter:

Frankenstein + Black Cat

Creepy monster gradient
Together they make creepy monster nails, the kind you see on that nasty swamp monster coming up out of the sewers to eat you during the night! What's that sound I hear coming from the drain in the bathroom? Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

If you haven't checked out The Nail Junkie's polishes, I highly recommend that you do. A few days after I did this manicure, I saw on her blog that she did the same gradient! Great minds think alike--I swear I didn't steal the idea! :)

Happy Halloween everyone! It's getting close! And please check out the other gradients done by the very talented bloggers participating with me in the challenge, linked below. :)



  1. This is awesome, very slimy swamp monster like! In a good way of course! x

  2. This is Halloween perfection!

  3. I love this so much! What a perfect combo!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Aleta! I don't know if you noticed, but I mentioned you've done this gradient on your blog too, because I saw yours after I did mine and didn't want to seem to steal it! :/

      Also, I have to tell you, I have fallen in love with Black Cat as an accent polish. It's gorgeous on its own, of course, but it's soooo versatile for nail art. I think I've used it at least 5 times in nail art already this month. :) <3


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