Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: LeaLaC Plate B


Today I have the review of my second LeaLaC plate, XL plate B. This is the other XL plate made by the owners of Llarowe, one of my favorite hard-to-find polish sources.

I've made a YouTube video of the plate if you want to see it in that format and hear me babble on about it in my crazy strange way, lol...you can find the video by clicking here.

First I'll show you stills of the images, then I'll show you a comparison with a Konad plate, and finally I'll give my thoughts on the plate. :)

Here come the pictures:

Poker anyone?


Amoeba flowers, anyone?

Victorian tapestry
Mind bending dots!

The image on the left is defective, it was supposed to be daisies. They reduced the price of the plate because of this, or you can wait until they restock. :)

These remind me of guitar picks, lol...

Diamonds and triangles--the metal looks like it has stuff on it, but it's not a stamping issue. :)

Circles and squares

I love those thistles!

Poinsettias for Christmas!
Butterflies and ferns

Love those lines and rectangles :)

Halloween tree!

1970's flashback...


Blocks and leafy flourishes

Dragonflies are my favorite always :)

This reminds me of a maze

 Just like Plate A, these images are HUGE:

You shouldn't have any problem at all covering your nails and your toenails with these images, unless you have super crazy long nails. But, you do want to take into account that if you probably won't be using all of the image, and choose which portion of the image you want accordingly. For many of the images, it doesn't matter because the entire image just repeats. But for some, you'll want to be strategic to be sure you get the right part of the image on your nail. As I said in my review of plate A, I think this actually gives more flexibility--one image can be used in several ways to get different effects by using different parts of the pattern. Just keep this in mind when you're planning out your manicure.

Just like plate A, there is a variety of images here--whimsical, elegant, fun, retro, vintage. The plate stamps well--you shouldn't have any problems using it. However, there is one image on here that is defective, at least at the current time--I've identified it above--an image that was meant to be daisies came out as a weird dot pattern with petals around the edge. Llarowe has reduced the cost of this plate from $20 to $17 to take into account the messed-up image, but I think it would be useful to do a spray of dots across a manicure if you wanted to, anyway. :)

You can find this plate at Llarowe's site by clicking here.  If there is any other information you'd like about the plate or would like to see any of the images stamped, let me know!

Thanks for stopping by,


(This plate was purchased with my own money.)


  1. I might have to break down and get this plate. Thanks for the large pictures that really show the images well.

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for checking out my post. :)

  2. I think I might have to get these plates your showing me.. so pretty..
    But.. i might need a new job first hehe

  3. I need this plate! You'll have to do some nails for us to see :)

    1. I'll slip some in between the Halloween manis...:)

  4. this is such a pretty plate!
    can't wait to see some of your designs with this plate!

  5. I think both tree nr. 2 and 3 will do great for halloween. :)

    1. I have to find a way to use them in a challenge mani, cause I can't wait to use them...

  6. Haha, I want both of the XL plates, but I can't afford it because I hauled 9 polishes today. Addiction, anyone?

    1. I know exactly what you mean...had to force myself not to buy some cool indie polishes I just saw on pointless cafe because I've already spent WWAAYYY too much until about Christmas!


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