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Indie-licious Review: Laquerlicious Polishes


Today I'm gonna show you some polishes from Laquerlicious, an indie brand that I just found recently. While it was a Christmas polish that caught my eye originally, this review is not going to be a Christmas review, but rather a general review that includes a selection of her polishes; she has a very eclectic range of glitters to choose from.

First up is Washed Denim, a cool blend of different shapes and sizes of teal, black, and white glitters in a clear base. The shapes include diamonds, hexes, circles, squares--the different shapes distinguish this from other similar polishes of the blue-black-white sort, and makes it special with more visual interest. I've layered two thin coats of the polish here over China Glaze Def Defying:

Laquerlicious Washed Denim over China Glaze Def Defying


The formula on this was excellent. I didn't have to do any real placement, just natural shifting as I applied. She shows the polish over blue on her site, which you can see by clicking here, and I like how it pops out even over a similar color.

Next is Christmas Morning, the polish that originally attracted me to Laquerlicious, so you know already that I'm going to love it, lol. Christmas Morning is just like Christmas morning with all that torn wrapping paper--covered in shreds of holiday color. There are red, green, white, silver and gold shreds of various sizes in a lightly milky base, which also gives it a confetti-ish look. Here is first one coat, then two, layered over Butter London The Full Monty:

Laquerlicious Christmas Morning over Butter London The Full Monty

Side shot of one coat

 Because I layered this over a gold, it's hard to see the gold shreds with only one coat, but it's much easier to see in this picture with two coats (the light was cooperating a little more, too, lol):

Two coats of Laquerlicious Christmas Morning

Side shot of two coats. :)
The formula on this is perfect. I was mindful of how much glitter was coming off while I brushed it on, but didn't need to dab--there is an even suspension and it all goes on beautifully. I was absolutely thrilled with this polish--it did what I was hoping and more. I wore this on Christmas morning (go figure) over silver, and couldn't stop looking at it over silver or over gold. She also shows it over white on her site, which plays up its milky base and makes the red and green stand out more, which you can see here. If you want this polish, don't wait--it's discontinued and she only has 4 left. BUT: it's on sale for $6.50, along with a number of other polishes.

Next to show you is Zebra Kisses, a beautiful black and white shred in a clear base. I love shreds and I love the versatility of black-and-white, and this appeals to me a bit more than the standard cirlce/hex/bar black-and-white glitters out there. Here is two very thin coats over Layla's Softouch Effect 10:

Laquerlicious Zebra Kisses over Layla SE10

Again the formula on this was very easy to work with, and all the shreds laid flat with no problem. I know I'm going to get a ton of use out of not just this polish but this particular combination, because I'm a huge San Jose Sharks fan, and this is their colors. Too bad it looks like there won't be any hockey this season...ah well, there's always next year. :)

Next up is Fall Back, a really fun blend of small glitters in a light brown-ish base. This is a fall polish because oranges and browns predominate, but it's got its own personality--it contains a healthy amount of purples and blues as well. When worn in several coats on its own, it has a duochrome base with a subtle color shift, which you can see on her site here; because she highlighted that on her site, I wanted to show this as a layering glitter. I think it's more versatile than it first looks, and I've layered it over two colors here, first two coats of Fall Back over Ulta Army Of 1, and then one coat of Fall Back over Julep Georgia:

Laquerlicious Fall Back over Ulta Army Of 1

Laquerlicious Fall Back over Army Of 1

I love me some side shots of glitter. :)

Over Julep Georgia:

One coat of Fall Back over Julep Georgia

The formula on this was beautiful--it went on as easily as a non-glitter polish. I personally think that over the peachy color, this could be a fun summer or even spring mani. But then, I'm a bit non-traditional with my colors, lol. This is another limited edition that she won't be making  more of, and as of this posting, she has only 3 available, so if you like it, go grab it! Luckily it also is one of the sale polishes for $6.50. :)

And to end, we have Queen Crown, a clear-based polish with silver shimmer and shreds, and pink and purple hexes and shreds, all with a holographic component. I put two-ish coats over Pure Ice Twinkle, a pretty coral:

Laquerlicious Queen Crown over Pure Ice Twinkle

Very sparkly!

And, of course, a side shot! :)

This polish was hard to capture on film because it's so sparkly and complex, especially with holographic thrown into the mix. It has a fairy princess quality to it that I think the girl that lives inside most women loves to put on now and then (or every day, even!). It makes me want to put on a beautiful gown and a tiara, and I couldn't stop looking at it.

The formula was good, although I personally tend to be a bit challenge when it comes to layering shimmery glitters like this--I tend to have to be very careful to get it to the edges and to not have bald spots...but that isn't a fault of the glitter per se, just one of my personal glitter challenges. It is unquestionably worth the little bit of extra effort I had to put into it to make it even.

So there you have them, 5 beautiful polishes from Laquerlicious! You can find her shop by clicking here. Her polishes are 3-free, and normally sell for $8.50, but she has a number of them on sale right now for $6.50. In fact, I should probably go get a few more...

Thanks so much for reading!


(Christmas Morning and Fall Back were purchased with my own money. The other polishes were provided for an honest review.)


  1. Thank you SOOOOOO much Michelle!! Your reviews are swatches are perfect!!!

  2. What beautiful nails you have. The first manicure is gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you, you are so kind! I agree, I love that combination. :)

  3. I ordered Christmas snowfall from her shop recently, and I love it! It has such a great formula, and looks amazing. If you r looking for more to get, I recommend checking out Christmas snowfall before it sells out

  4. Oh! loving the black and white shredded one. so cool


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