Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NOTD: Festival Of Lights


Today is the next prompt in my Winter Holiday Challenge, and it's 'Festival Of Lights'. I tend to think of this as a peaceful, beautiful celebration, and wanted to try to capture that in my manicure. Here's what I did:

Festival of lights

Shows the gold a little better
Here's how I did it:

1) I started with a base coat of Barry M's silver foil.
2) Over that I layered a coat of Polished Components Future.
3) I stamped the candles using plate HD07 (from Bunny Nails) and Sally Hansen Cobalt Blue.
4) I put a dot of Barry M's gold foil in each candle flame, and sponged gold around the edges of the nail to make it look like it was glowing from the candlelight.

I am so happy with how this came feels peaceful and serene to me, filled with quiet wonder. :)

Thanks for looking.



  1. Holy crap, so flippin' stunning!

  2. This polish is really pretty and cute at the same time!

  3. cute! I love the colors used and the design. It looks so festive which is perfect for this season. Great job!


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