Monday, December 24, 2012

NOTD: Santa & Elves


Okay, let me just say right up-front, it's not my fault.

See, what had happened was? When I sat down to do this prompt (Santa & Elves), I had just caught up on a 'The Walking Dead' marathon. And what else can you expect when you've just been watching people get ripped apart by zombies, and then you try to switch to thinking about Santa! Of course you're going to wonder what happened when Santa came to deliver presents to the remaining humans on Christmas Eve in the zombie apocalypse. Totally normal, totally predictable, not weird or sick or twisted AT ALL.

Please don't judge me.

What I figure is this. Since Santa and his elves are magical, as soon as the zombies touched them, they'd disappear, right? But the clothes that the zombies were touching would probably get left behind. And of course because they smell like zombie food still, they'd get ripped to shreds. Only logical.  ::nods head vigorously::

So here's what I think the aftermath would look like:


Oh, the elfmanity...

Clearly they got Santa's jacket and his belt...and it looks like they got at least one pair of elf shoes, based on those little green's's insanity...heck, I don't even know which way is up!! Thank goodness Santa got away to come and bring presents another day.

Here's how I made it.
1) Two coats of Julep Scarlett as the base color.
2) One coat of Rainbow Polish Festive Fruitcake.
3) Added a square gold stud for Santa's belt buckle.
4) Added small black square glitters for shreds of Santa's belt.

I know it's silly and strange, but I hope it made you smile a little bit. Thanks for looking, and please check out the other participants' takes on the prompt (almost certainly more traditional than mine), linked below. :)

Merry Christmas Eve,


  1. Hahaha interesting take on it! But I understand since you are watching a Walking Dead marathon. That show seriously sucks you in!!

    1. It totally does! I only started watching it recently, started with season one and two on dvd, and got lucky that there was a marathon on recently, so I was able to record all of season three. Can't wait til it starts back up again! And thanks. :)

  2. haha what a great manicure!! I feel sort of sorry for you, Santa, and the Elves ,but oh my oh my what a great manicure :)

    1. It's okay, we got away safely...::catches breath::


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