Monday, December 3, 2012

Dupe Or No Dupe: Orly Synchro vs. Glitter Gal Evening Light Soft

Hello everyone!

So remember a few days ago I posted a manicure with Glitter Gal Evening Light? If you missed it, you can see it by clicking here. It's one of the Glitter Gal shade shifter polishes; they are stunning duochromes in the prettiest colors and finishes...and they cost up to about $17.

To me, that's a lot. I got lucky--I happened to catch mine on a super sale at Llarowe. But everyone might not be able to get that lucky, and if not, I may have another option for you...

I recently ordered Synchro from Orly's Electronica collection, and when it arrived, I couldn't help but think it reminded me of something...And then it came to me...My Glitter Gal Evening Light Soft! But no way they would be the same?! ...Right?

Let's take a look. Here they both are in the bottle:

It goes without saying, but Orly's Synchro is on the left, and Glitter Gal ELS is on the right. This will be the same position you'll see in all of the below pictures, as well. 

Hmmm...They look pretty close, but not identical. There is more orange around the edge, and it look like it might be more shimmery. But that could be the shape or glass of the bottle...

So let's look at them on the nail. I've painted them directly on the nail (index and middle), and then layered them over black (ring and pinkie): 

Orly Synchro vs. Glitter Gal Evening Light Soft in the shade

Orly Synchro vs. Glitter Gal Evening Light Soft in the sun

Orly Synchro vs. Glitter Gal Evening Light Soft in softer shade

Direct on nail to avoid reflection from black

Direct on black to avoid reflection from direct nails

So, what do you think? To my eye, these are not exact dupes, but they are pretty close. In most lights, the Glitter Gal has a bit more orange when directly on the nail, but is the same when painted over black (GG looks a bit darker on the pinkie, but this is due to the curve of the nail, if you look closely).

Could you justify having them both? You could, although it would be a tough sell, I think. More importantly from my perspective, if you like the look of the Glitter Gal polish but don't have $17 to pay for it, you can get something that is darned close for $5. Not too shabby, in my opinion. :)

As always, I hope this has helped you decide if you want one or both of these. Thanks for reading! :)



  1. wow both of these polishes look fantastic! Thanks for a great post.

  2. Wow, I'm soo glad I stumbled across this! I just recieved Orly Synchrony! Thanku so much!


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