Saturday, December 8, 2012

Twinpost NOTD: Blowfishes!


Today is the Cheeky 38 installment of my twinpost series with Dina of Secretary's Nail Art. From this plate, we decided to use the blowfish image.

I started with a base of two mystery polishes that I'll be reviewing later in the week--hint: they're indies. :) One is a pretty orange-gold shimmer, and the other is a multi-metallic glitter. When I did a gradient with the glitter, it reminded me of an ocean floor--the clean kind you see when you go snorkeling--so I decided to use it as the base for this manicure.

Over this, I stamped the image with Konad black, and then dotted the bubbles in the image with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes:

Swim little fishies! Swim if you can!

And they swam and they swam right over the dam...

I put the second image facing the other way 'cause he's the little fishy who's going his own way separate from the school. I love that the little guy in the main school looks like he's thinking 'Hey, wait for me!'. :)

Thanks for looking; hope it makes you smile. Please check out what Dina did with this image by clicking here. :)



  1. So cool! Love em!
    Think you'll like mine :P

    1. Thank you...I'll run and check out yours right now. :)


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