Friday, January 25, 2013

Before & After: Funhouse Of 1000 Corpses


Today's 31 Day Challenge prompt is to do a manicure inspired by your childhood. To be honest, my childhood doesn't inspire very many good memories and much of what I could come up with to represent my childhood took things to a darker place than I think this prompt is meant to go! So I decided instead to do a manicure inspired by 'childhood', rather than my particular childhood.

When I think of the magic of childhood, I think of bright colors and happiness. And I recently got a polish that just speaks all of that to me--ironically, it's meant to be a Halloween polish, Jindie Nails Funhouse Of 1000 Corpses:

Jindie Nails Funhouse Of 1000 Corpses

...and up closer :)

This polish makes me smile when I wear it, and it makes me think of cupcakes with sprinkles and those inflatable rooms filled with colored balls. It makes me think of circuses, and parties, and fun, all things that every childhood should be full of.

I know everyone is going to hate me for this, but...I felt that the perfect added touch would be two bright, pretty crackles I recently got in my Spoiled bucked (Spoiled Pretty Pink Punk and Inmate In Love). I know most people don't care for crackles, but I really love them; I just don't love them all the time. Anyway, I did a gradient with them, but putting the orange vertically across half of the nails, and then the pink horizontally on the bottom part of the orange stripe:

Bright, happy colors

...for a bright, happy life.

For me, this manicure has whimsy and fun. Sure, it's not something I'd wear to an elegant night out. But every woman has to have a multitude of sides, right?

Thanks for looking, and please check out the other child-ish manicures linked below. :)


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