Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preview of coming events!


The 31 Day Challenge has taken up a lot of time and posts, and I've had to put a number of things on the back burner. So I thought I'd do a quick post about some things I have lined up for you once February starts:

1) Dupe Or No Dupe shall return!

2) Nail art contest: I am partnering with a colleague of  mine to host a nail art contest for a good cause (and with a great prize!). Stay tuned for more details...

3) Born Pretty product reviews: I have three products to review for you from Born Pretty Store...You've seen a sneak peek of one of these already...hint, hint. :)

4) Fix My Fail!: I'm going to host an event on my Facebook page called 'Fix My Fail'...As you may be able to guess, this involves a for-fun opportunity for viewers to take a manicure I did that didn't come out very well, deconstruct it, and rebuild it in a beautiful way. :) If viewers like this feature, I hope to make it a recurring thing.

5) Favorite polish recaps: I'm going to start a feature, probably 1-2 times per month, recapping some of my favorite polishes grouped by color, brand, etc. Feedback from you on what you'd like to see is greatly appreciated.

6) Stamping plate size comparison post. Several weeks ago I promised a YouTube follower that I would do this, and it has been pushed back for too long, so I want to have this up soon!

And of course, plenty of Before & Afters, and NOTDs. :)

Thanks to everyone for hanging out with me and encouraging me through the 31 Day Challenge!

Big hugs,


  1. I'm excited to see some of these! :)

    1. I'm excited about them myself...hopefully they work out well. :)


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