Friday, January 11, 2013

Before & After: R is for Revelrie In Rubellite


This week's letter in the Llama Nails alphabet is 'R', and I decided to show you Revelrie in Rubellite.

I recently got extremely lucky and happened to stumble on a Hare Polish restock at Llarowe. Before I'd fallen in lust with several Hare Polishes, but only was able to get my hands on one, Oceans of Alloys. Several more restocks came and went, and though I tried to get to them in time, I failed miserably. So this time when almost every one I wanted was available, and while it stretched the edges of my budget, I grabbed a couple. I figured, who knows when I'll get a chance again to grab them again, and if they're anything like Oceans of Alloys in terms of quality, they'll be worth it.

One of the ones I grabbed was Revelrie in Rubellite, a dramatic combination of wine jelly base and burnt orange glitter. In a million years I never would have thought to put these two colors together, and wow, I'm so glad that Hare Polish did. Just stunning:

Hare Polish Revelrie in Rubellite

Revelrie in Rubellite full on

Look at how the light dances off those glitter pieces...sigh...

The formula on the polish was a bit trickier than Oceans of Alloys, but that may be due to the fact that I'm still learning how to apply jellies most effectively (I'm way better than I was!).

To decorate this, I decided I wanted to do a reverse-wisteria look, since the glitter itself reminds me of bunches of wisteria hanging down off of something. So instead of a flower handing down from leave, I thought I'd stamp leaves hanging down from flowers. I call it 'Revelrie In Reverse', lol. I stamped using Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime and Bundle Monster plate BM11:

Tell me that background doesn't look like bunches of flowers...

Or, upside-down (right-side up?) if you prefer...:)

RIR is certainly pretty enough on its own, without decoration, and I was afraid anything I added would just make it busy and crazy. There is certainly a lot going on here visually, but I do love the way the green works with the wine and the orange, and I think the way the stamp has each leaf (or petal) separated from the others works will with the glitter.

Thank you for taking a look! Please check out the other 'R' manicures linked below. :)



  1. Wow! I love Hare polishes, too! Stamped is rockin! Now I may have to try it. I have 1 only one lonely Hare....Atolla! Ideas for colors to stamp it with?

    1. Ooo...I don't have that one, but I think I'd have to try a rich navy blue over it...If you try it, please post it to the FB site so I can see it! :)

    2. Will do! Navy is a GREAT color idea! Thanks!

    3. Yvw! I wanna see I wanna see!! :)

  2. Very pretty. Good call stamping with a subtle green. :)

  3. I like the colour combinations with the stamping. I've tried other polishes in the finder's keepers collection and I find they tend to be a bit thick, and it's a bit of a challenge to avoid getting gobs of glitter on your nails. Nail polish thinner is necessary I think with these, also a lot of shaking. I usually give it a good shake in between coats, and if it's really difficult even in between nails.

    1. Thanks for the tips on this, I'll definitely try the thinner. I think I'll also start trying out different base coats when I use jellies as well, I think that might be part of my issue. I am getting better at getting more even coverage with them, but they still like to pull on me more than I like. :( And thanks for the compliment! :)


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