Thursday, October 29, 2015

Before & After: Fast Fierce Frankenstein

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Today I have a Halloween quickie for you; you've seen this sort of Frankenstein's monster mani about 100 different ways, but what I love about this one is the expression on his face, and how nearly error-proof it is.

I started with Colors By Llarowe Gemini Rising, the most luminous green apple holo you'll ever see:

Colors By Llarowe Gemini Rising

Colors By Llarowe Gemini Rising

This is one of the most amazing holos I've every laid eyes on--it's so holo sparkly, it truly looks 3D. Amazing. Only one problem--it stained worse than any other polish I've ever worn. So wear two coats of base polish with this one, my friends.

To stamp, I used UberChic Beauty's Halloween 01 plate with Konad Black:

Here's how it came out:

Colors By Llarowe Gemini Rising + UberChic Beauty Halloween 01

Colors By Llarowe Gemini Rising + UberChic Beauty Halloween 01

So here's why this is an awesome 5-minute-art manicure: It's almost impossible to mess this up. The stitching image is big enough that as long as you hit your nail inside of it, it's gonna look good. As for the face, it doesn't matter if accidentally put it on at an angle, because his googly eyes and crooked smile work any way you stick it on. In fact, I put mine on too low, and there wasn't enough hair at the top of the image--so I just painted some extra on, and he's perfect. Even if you've never stamped before, you're gonna find it easy to be successful with this mani.

Happy Frankensteining!!


  1. The Frankenstein nails are so cute and fun at the same time.

  2. Saw it on instagram also - just LOVE it! And I love how you circled what you used on the plate! Thank you and Happy Halloween!!


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