Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Comparison: Zoya purple shimmers

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It's Halloween season, and if you're gonna do Halloween nail art, you're gonna need a some awesome purple polish. So today we're gonna look at three beautiful purple Zoya shimmers, Zoya Giada (from the Flair collection, click here to see my full review), Zoya Mason, and Zoya Mimi:

Comparison of Zoya Giada, Zoya Mason, and Zoya Mimi

Comparison of Zoya Giada, Zoya Mason, and Zoya Mimi

Three lovelies, all in a row...Giada is sultry and vampy...Mason is fun and flirty...Mimi is a dance party in a jar. I was happily surprised to find I didn't have a purple shimmer that was closer to Giada--it's always nice when I can point to the members of my collection and say 'No, look! They're all so different!', lol.

Which of these is the most Halloweeniest (it's a word, I promise...>.>)? Depends on what you're going for. Mason and Mimi are excellent for art that's a little more lighthearted and fun, while Giada is gonna work well for your dark and goth nail art. LOVE.

Happy polishing!


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