Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review & Test: My Online Shop JR-22 (Or, these are my ghost adventures)

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Have you ever seen that show Ghost Adventures? Actually, there's a bunch of different ones out there when people go into old buildings at night and try to get evidence of paranormal activity. I don't really watch them too much, except at Halloween time, they're kinda fun...And I thought it would be cool to do a ghost manicure inspired by them.

Luckily, I have just the plate waiting for Halloween to be reviewed: My Online Shop JR-22. I bought this a while back in anticipation of Halloween, and am so happy to finally use it!

Here's the video I made reviewing the plate:

And here are the still shots of the plate (sorry, I forgot to take the pic before doing the stamping test, so there is some scraping):

My Online Shop JR-22

My Online Shop JR-22

My Online Shop JR-22

And here's a shot of the plate next to a standard Konad plate so you can get a feel for the size of the images:

My Online Shop JR-22 vs. Konad

How does it stamp? Let's take a look at my mani...

I wanted to create the look of the dark rooms they show in the TV shows, when they have the night vision cameras and everything looks all gray and indistinct. So I did a seriotype with Julep Ledi, Sally Hansen Gone Gray, and Sally Hansen White On. Then I did some reversed stamping with the little ghostie; I stamped him with Eat Sleep Polish Endless Sheets Of Canvas, and colored him in with White On:

A ghost in the dark of an abandoned prison...

Definitely not a dust particle or a light anomaly...

These are my ghost adventures!!

I love love love how this came out! The floaty ghost is all comin' right for ya with his spooky mouth in the scary dark room! This is one of my favorite Halloween manis I've done. :)

You can find this plate here, in My Online Shop's online shop!

Happy spooky stamping!


  1. I love JR plates. I'm scared of this plate, lol.😄

  2. Such an awesome Halloween themed plate!

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  4. Wow! This is an amazing mani! I love it!

  5. That stamping is just incredible! I love the ghost pattern, too.

  6. Looking at those plates, I would have never imagined to see that mani. I absolutely adore what you did with it. Fab job!

  7. Cool kinda creepy ghost manicure. I love it

  8. Wow, you totally captured that feel of a night vision camera. Really cool!


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