Friday, October 30, 2015

Before & After: Poisoned Apple

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Halloween is about spooky scares, and one of the things that used to scare me the most when I was a little girl was...the witch from Snow White. So, for my contribution to the Crumpet's Nail Tarts Halloween collection, I decided to make a tribute to the Disney villain that terrified me the most.

To get an awesome night sky, I used Colors By Llarowe Rest In Pieces, an awesomely holographic blurple:

Colors By Llarowe Rest In Pieces

Colors By Llarowe Rest In Pieces

Colors By Llarowe Rest In Pieces

Colors By Llarowe Rest In Pieces

Love love love this holo, especially for a deep night-sky look...swoon.

Here's how the manicure came out (details afterward):

Come have an apple, little girl...

Poisoned Apple Snow White Manicure

Poisoned Apple Snow White Manicure

This manicure was a conglomeration of a bunch of different plates:
Tree: LeaLac LLC-B, stamped with Barry M Silver Foil
Apples: Bunny Nails old-school HD 06 (the octagonal ones), Winstonia W118, stamped with Barry M Silver Foil, Sally Hansen Rapid Red, and Sally Hansen Red-io Active
Witch: Decal made from My Online Shop JR-22, with Eat Sleep Polish Sheets of Empty Canvas, China Glaze Cha Cha Cha, and Sally Hansen Lively Lilac.

I used a double-stamping technique to make the apples stand out, and then to highlight the poisoned apple, I stamped it in silver with red accents. When I stamped the tree onto my nail, I messed up--the base of the tree should be solid--but I think the mistake makes the tree look creepier, like it has a creepy smile on it, so I decided to keep it (Halloween manicures are so flexible, lol!!). An even though I created it, that witch's face continues to creep me out...::shudders::

What do you think, good Halloween mani? Especially if you're dressing up like Snow White or your daughter is, I think this would be a fun mani.

If this one isn't your cup of tea, or even if it is, check out the other Crumpet Halloween manis below!!

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  1. Great look! wow love how it all came together

  2. Cool! I really like them apples.. (no, I really do :), double stamping is great).


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