Sunday, October 4, 2015

Before & After: Day Of The Dead (Bunny Nails BuNa-D)

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I'm back today with a fun before & after with Bunny Nails BuNa-D, one of the four new plates I recently reviewed for you here.

I also recently did a sugar skulls mani that was on the elegant Dia de los Muertos side for you, and was inspired by this plate to do a different type of Day of the Dead mani for you, this time, on the more fun and whimsical side.

I started with a base of DazzleGlaze Persephone's Pomegranate, a medium-dark red polish with embedded flakies:

DazzleGlaze Persephone's Pomegranate

Then I stamped the scribbly flowered image from Bunny nails BuNa-D as my background:

Bunny Nails BuNa-D

And then stamped two funky skeletons from Bunny Nails HD-D using Konad White:

Bunny Nails HD-D

Here's how it turned out:

Skeleton couple

Skeleton couple

What do you think? I just love those two skeletons, they make me smile! This has a very different feel to it, more fun and playful, and I love it. :)

Happy stamping!


  1. Wow, the base with that floral stamping is stunning! The couple, though..I imagine them chuckling over some evil plan, lol (I guess it's their hands' pose that suggests it).

    1. I'll have a better picture of this polish up soon, it's really stunning. And yes, that couple? They're coming for you...muah hah haaaahahahahaaaa!


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