Sunday, October 11, 2015

Walking Dead premiere mani!

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Oh yes oh yes, it's that time of year again--time for the new season of The Walking Dead! The first episode premieres tonight, and UberChic Beauty was thoughtful enough to create a zombie plate with a major The Walking Dead focus that I've known I'd be using for today and many premieres to come!! I've already done one mani with this plate; if you want to check it out, you can see it here.

I couldn't decide between two manis, so I decided to wear them both on premiere day, one on each hand. I did start with the same polish on both hands, however, The Lady Varnishes Scandalous Scarlett:

The Lady Varnishes Scandalous Scarlett

I'm ashamed to admit that it never occurred to me to use a polish like this as a base for a zombie manicure, until Dina from Secretary's Nail Art showed me a mani she did with a different red-and-green polish. It was an epiphany--green for the zombie goop, red for the blood--BRILLIANT!!

So for the first mani, I wanted something that was 100% a tribute to the show, since I am so excited to have a plate with the characters and such represented on it, so I did a sort of a promo still-shot cast silhouette deal with it. Here are the images I used for it:

UberChic Beauty Zombie Love: Images used for TWD mani

To get the silhouette look, I stamped everything in Konad Black. Here's how it turned out (the details are hard to see on my super curvy nails, so I gave you several shots at different angles:

The Walking Dead premiere mani 

I love how the zombie rick is shooting looks like his head just got hit by the bullet! And I love the details on each of these images that make the characters so recognizable, although I'm sad Daryl's face didn't want to stick to the glitter, lol! Ah well, it still works and it's still clearly him.

The Walking Dead premiere mani 

Macro to show details

The Walking Dead premiere mani uberchic beauty zombie love

The Walking Dead premiere mani

For the second mani, I went a more zombie-neutral way, with some humor thrown in (cause that's the best when it comes to zombies, I think). From the moment I saw the plate, I fell in love with the 'He wants me for my brains' image, so I built my mani around that. Here are the images I used:

UberChic Beauty Zombie Love: Images used for He Wants My Brains

I stamped the big brain image with Sally Hansen Rapid Red to get a brain-ish texture to the background of each nail. I made a brain decal using Sally Hansen Rapid Red and Barielle Sheer Nonsense, and then stamped the other images with Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime. Here's how it came out:

Who can blame them--

They want me for my brains!

This mani makes me smile, and I love that in a zombie/Halloween mani! So what do you think, are they zombie-licious? Do you have a favorite?

You can find this plate and so many other awesome ones in UberChic Beauty's shop. :)

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  1. Both manicures are perfect for the occasion.

  2. OMGosh that you for the shout-out so nice of you.
    I freakin' love your nails, both of them are super awesome! WoW.
    The genious-ness of the double stamp zombie is so cool.
    The fighting scene totally works over the glitter base.

  3. Heh, "he wants me for my brains".. Too cool.
    Err, love your enthusiasm and fandom. Seems like you got to enjoy your mani that evening.


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