Sunday, July 1, 2012

NOTD Before and After: Revlon Smoldering + Circles and Dots!


Today I'm going to show you Revlon's Smoldering. I found this at when I was looking for Whimsical, and had to give it a shot: 

Revlon Smoldering in the shade

Tilt to show the multichrome

Revlon Smoldering in the sun and tilted to show the color shift :)

On the surface, Smoldering is a silvery color. But what it really is is a gorgeous multichrome silver that shifts through a rainbow of pastel shades--lavender, pale green, pale blue, pink. It reminds me a lot of Gray's Anatomy, and for that reason it will be the first polish featured in my new upcoming series 'Dupe Or No Dupe?'--stay tuned:)

I wore this for a day, and then had to decide between removing it, or using it as a base for today's challenge, Circles and Dots. Since I couldn't bear to remove it, I decided to work on top of it...but didn't want to completely disrupt the color shift. So, I decided to decorate the base of the nail only:

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To get this look, I used Cheeky plate CH-26 to stamp the circles using China Glaze Awaken, and then added dots on top in China Glaze Avalanche (lavender), Cherish (green), and Metallic Muse (blue).  I think this design would have been too much if I'd covered the entire nails with it, but this is a nice little accent. And, it leaves enough of the nail bare (well, the bare to the base anyway) so that you can still see the lovely colors shifting to and fro. :)

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  1. I love this mani! The grey and violet are a great combination!

    I keep in my pinterest!


    1. Thank you so much! That's a great compliment!! :)


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