Saturday, July 7, 2012

NOTD: a-England's Dragon (or, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, What?)


I have discovered another green beauty. In fact, the word 'beauty' does not cover it. This is a green polish so incredimazing, it has converted me into a lover of scattered holos. Me! A firm linear-holo polish lover!

I've lemminged A-England's Dragon for a while now. Finally, finally, I convinced myself to spend the money, and got it delivered into mah grubby little paws. It's a dark green holo that looks like polished marble when not in direct light, and which lights up like a star-lit night when it is.

I needed to try it on right away--of course--and today's summer challenge is 'Cricket' (the game, not the insect). I don't know much about the game, so I did some googling and found out it's played on a green field with a flat yellow bat/mallet, and a red ball. So, I figured the green Dragon could do double-duty and be a base for my challenge mani.

But when I put it on, I couldn't bring myself to execute my initial plan, which involved colorblocking and dotting tools (I'm not convinced it would have worked anyway). So I converted the basic design and executed it with metallic nail accents, and made an abstract cricket bat and ball against the green lawn:

a-England Dragon in the shade...Looks like polished marble :)

Abstract cricket: yellow bat, red ball, green lawn :)

A glimpse at the scattered holo

Another shot of the scattered holo

It's hard for me to pay more than a few dollars for a bottle of polish, and I resisted buying this one partly because people kept claiming it was a lovely holo, but I couldn't really see the holo-ness in the pictures. I understand now why that is--this really is lovely in the light, but in a subtle way that's hard to capture effectively on film. It's not a hit-you-over-the-head holo. It's an adult, demure, gentle holo. So all I can do is the same as the other bloggers before me--assure you this really is a beautiful polish, one that is lovely even indoors, and that has a subtle holo shine when the light hits it. And it's forest green!!! How can you not love that? ;-)

Thanks for reading, and please check out what the other bloggers came up with, linked below. :)



  1. I dunno what you've done to your cuticles, but girl, they do look fantastic! Keep doing it, whatever it is! =)
    Oh, and the color is adorable! Deep rich forest green...Love it!

    1. Thank you much! I think because I wash my hands so darn much I naturally exfoliate them every day, lol. And yes, I love that polish. I'm glad I finally gave in and got it...but now I want to try Sabra, lol! :)


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