Saturday, July 28, 2012

NOTD Before: Hits Mari Moon Dreamer (Or, Into The Way Back Machine :) )


Yesterday I showed you the 'after' potion of what I did with Hits Mari Moon Dreamer (one of the polishes I got in my swap) and said that I'd show you the 'before' part today, so I could give the polish the full attention it deserves. So here goes. :)

Dreamer is, at head-on first glance, a blue-purple duochrome. But even at this head-on glance, it's not typical. It has little micro-flecks of teal-blue and purple glitter that catch the light; you can see some below:

Hits Dreamer straight on, full sun

But then, when you start moving it around, it starts to shift, and the color intensifies. Not just through blues and purples, but through wines and golds, and finally into a full-on coppery red:

There it is! I can't take a picture of a manicure without a cotton fiber sticking to a nail...>.<

Hits Dreamer in the shade

Hits Dreamer...Never get tired of that rainbow of colors

Hits Dreamer--yes, it really is that pretty.

Yes, it really is that pretty. Every color that you see in the bottle shows up on your nails. Every time the  light changes or you move your finger, a new color appears. The colors contrast and combine as you watch--it's mesmerizing.

I don't know what else to say, I gotta get myself down to Brazil. With a really, really big empty suitcase. :)

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  1. Its truly stunning. Mesmerizing

  2. You and your big big empty suitcase definitely have a place to crash when you decide to come, dear! Lmao. =D

    Love the swatch!

    1. Heck yeah!!! How fun would that be??

    2. Aaaawww... wouldn't that be lovely?! Just let me know and I'll take you to the places I went to get you the "babies".
      Also, for something around U$5 - U$7 you can go to a beauty salon and get your nails done, Brazilian style. We traditionaly remove our cuticles, but if you prefer they can moisturize and push yours. I usually take care of mine, because I think it's fun, but every now and then I go to the beauty salon, just to be pampered. =)
      Plus, the southern part of the country, where I live, isn't exactly like what you probably expect. It's colder down here and the whole culture is different. It's like another coutry. I think you'd enjoy it!

    3. I know I'd love it. I love traveling and seeing new places...and there's gorgeous polish!!!!!! :)

  3. Wow! That 4th photo is the best duo chrome photo ever--well done.

    1. Thank you so much! Honestly, though, it's hard -not- to get a good picture of this polish, lol. :)


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