Sunday, July 8, 2012

NOTD: A Few of My Favorite Things :)


Today's challenge in my Adventures In Stamping group is to do a manicure of something I love. Three of my favorite things in my life are my darling, destructive, adorable, evil, sweet, devil-spawn kitties. Ever since the day I got them at just a few weeks old, they have shown an amazing capacity for destroying things I didn't even know I owned. I have owned cats for my whole life, and I've never before had one that shredded a mattress and pulled out the stuffing. While I was sleeping on it, no less.

Lucky for them, they are also the sweetest cats I've ever known. They always want to cuddle, and they love to play. One of them regularly looks at me adoringly, reaches up, and gives my nose a gentle bite. Even when you catch them doing something horrible, they look up at you with these amazing 'Momma, I adore you!' looks. Let me assure you, this is a great survival advantage that they desperately need to balance out the evil.

To capture the spirit of my little demons darlings, I created this manicure:

The one on the left is my crazy play kitty. The gray one is my ninja attack kitty. And the one on the right is the sweetest cuddler of the bunch, most of the time...his nickname is 'Spider-Cat' because he likes to pretend he can climb furniture and walls. Note they all have comic 'pow' bubbles around them representing all of the things they have broken. :)

To make the manicure, I used a beige base polish and stamped using Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, Sally Hansen Instra-Dry Gone Grey, and Konad Red; I used plates QA15 and QA30; I will review these later today (I've been waiting to do that until I could try them out).

To make the yellow 'pow' bubbles, I used a mystery product that I'm currently testing out...I'll review it shortly. This is one of my first attempts to use it...Toys are fun...hee hee hee.

I know this doesn't fall into the 'beautiful' category of nail art, but I hope it made you smile.

Thanks for reading!


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