Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Pink + Purple mani


Today my manicure was designed to fit another challenge theme, Pink + Purple. I just got Zoya's Gilda in the mail, so I decided to do a gradient using her and Zoya's Carly, a beautiful dark-grape purple which has a similar finish.

Here is the gradient after I'd worn it for about a day; I apologize for the tip-wear:
Gradient in the shade
 I liked the gradient well enough, but thought it needed a little extra something to make it special. So on day two I stamped over it with Mash-48, using Pure Ice Silver Mercedes:

Stamped gradient in the shade

When I did the first nail, I thought 'OMG, this is going to be TOO much!' But as I finished the rest, I started to like it more and more. I had a hard time photographing it however, I think because I didn't put any topcoat on it; I wanted the silver to keep the matte-like feel that you get when you stamp metallics sometimes. But this may have made the contrasts a bit harder to pick up, as the transition from purple to pink underneath comes across a bit more vibrantly in real life (more like the top picture).

I think I really like full-nail designs stamped over gradients. They add a sort of unity to the gradients that I really like (if that makes sense!).

Thanks for looking, and please check out the other Pink + Purple manicures made by the talented bloggers below. :)



  1. The gradient is fantastic, I really like those two polishes together. And the stamping is not at all too much, it looks great :)

    1. Thank you! You know how that self-doubt creeps in when you're working on it sometimes...>.< :)

  2. Forget any doubts you may have, sweetie! Just have fun! =)
    I second Rainbowify Me (what a cute name!): the gradient looks fantastic! Really neat combo of colors!

    1. Thank you! You are always very supportive! :)

  3. Sooo beautyful and amazing! :-)

  4. The gradient is gorgeous and I love the stamp! :)


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