Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Summer Glitter Sammich


Today's challenge in the CNT group is to make a glitter sandwich. I've been waiting for this for ages because I've come to really love glitter sandwiches. Sometimes you want over the top glitter. But sometimes--not so much! A glitter sandwich--putting a coat of glitter in between two coats of other polish--is a great way of creating depth and subtlety in a manicure.

For this one, I started with a coat of Up Colors Mutacao, A dark brown-gold-red duochrome:
Up Colors Mutacao in the shade

Up Colors Mutacao in the shade

Up Colors Mutacao in the sunlight

Another in the sun. :)
Then I added some glitter, in this case Cheetalicious by Lush Lacquer (Indie alert! Don't worry, I'll be doing a special post about this one), and topped it off with Ulta Pro's Molten Copper for the top layer. Molten Copper is a very unique sheer duochrome that does incredible color changes depending on the undwear you pair it with. In this case, it went wine-with-olive flash over Mutacao:

Mutacao + Cheetalicious + Molten Copper

Mutacao + Cheetalicious + Molten Copper

Mutacao + Lush Lacquer's Cheetahlicious  + Ulta Pro Molten Copper

And here is the combo in direct sun:

I love all three of these polish, and I love the impact of the three of them together. There seems to be different colors and textures wherever you look, but it's never too much--that's the beauty of the glitter sandwich. :)

Thanks for taking a look! And please check out the other glitter sandwiches put together by the other bloggers in the group, linked below. :)



  1. This is really pretty! It should get a proper name:, like, '"Gold at the bottom of the well."

    1. Ooo, I like that. Or Golden Vineyard because of the colors or something...:)


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