Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review and NOTD: Ludurana Admiravel


Earlier this week I showed you a manicure that used the saran-wrap technique to make a pretty background texture on the nail, and I promised you I'd do a separate post on the base polish. I did that because Ludurana Admiravel is so pretty it really needs a picture-heavy post all its own to explore all of its multichrome magic.

It's not surprising that I think yet another Ludurana multichrome has caught my eye, nor is it surprising that they did a great job with this one once again. Admiravel is a green-purple-brown-rose multichrome that shows 2-3 colors in a given type of light, but shows very different colors in different lights--this is a bit different from some others that just show more/less intense versions of the same color sets.

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture all of these on camera, but I will walk you through what I can't show you. :) All of these pictures are three coats over bare nails; These colors would be more intense if layered over a dark polish, and you'd need fewer coats.

First of all, in shade, Admiravel is a grassy green that goes a bit darker at the edges, and has a brown flash in the center, as you can see here:

Ludurana Admiravel in the shade

Ludurana Admiravel in the shade, downward angle

If you look at the first picture above, you can see a brown flash with a little rose flash in the center of it, near the white reflection areas in the polish. When Admiravel is in intense direct sunlight, the polish is that color brown almost completely, with a strong rose flash in the middle, and olive green at the edges. I couldn't capture this on film, so you'll have to trust me. :)

When the light is a little less direct in the shade, or when indoors, the green becomes a little more intense, and starts to get purple at the edges:

Ludurana shade

Ludurana shade downward angle

When indoors, the green and purple become extremely vibrant, much more so than even the picture above. :)

When in a less intense direct sunlight, the green becomes a little darker, and the whole polish becomes glittery:

I love that this polish seems to shift palates completely depending on the intensity of the light. With more scattered light intensity (like morning light), you get grassy greens and purples, with some light browns. With more intense light (like afternoon light) you get olive greens and browns with rose.

As a last comment, I have to say that of all the Luduranas I've tried, I'm least impressed with the opacity of this one. Even with three coats, you can almost see bald spots in my last picture, with the direct light coming down at a straight angle. I don't think I'll wear this alone again, but will put it over a dark polish, and that's the first time I've felt that's necessary with a Ludurana.

Also, this reminds me of Nubar's Wildlife, but I remember that one being browner. I can do a comparison post if anybody wants me to...:)

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