Saturday, August 18, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Gamer Geek Chic FTW!


Up to a couple of weeks ago, I would have thought that the intersection between nail polish lovers and gamers would have been non-existent group, or a tiny one at best. But in a short period of time, I've found several fellow bloggers who also love to game. One of them, Dina of Secretary's Nail Art, and I found out that we both share a love for World Of Warcraft, and we decided to do a twin post of WoW-themed manicures! I'm presenting mine here, and you can see hers by clicking here..

First, I started with Color Club's Voodoo You Do, which is a deep evergreen that reminds me of pine needles. The color reminds me of some of the saturated colors in the game, and is very earthy, which fit in with what I wanted to do:

Voodoo You Do in shade

Color Club Voodoo You Do in indirect sun

Color Club Voodoo You Do in direct sun
Sigh...I can't wait to do some Christmas manicures with that...

Anyway, back to my WoW manicure! My favorite class to play is druid; I love this class because, among other things, it has a strong base in appreciating nature, and can shape-shift forms to use different abilities. I decided to represent my druids by doing a manicure where each nail celebrates one of the forms that druids can take; these are: 

Thumb: Tree form (allows the druid to heal friends)
Index Finger: Flight form (allows the druid to fly fast!)
Middle Finger: Moonkin form (aka Boomkin form cause it blows up enemies very effectively)
Ring Finger: Cat form (allows the druid to become invisible to stealth past enemies; you only see glowing eyes and a faint outline, while your enemy sees nothing, muah hah hah)
Pinky Finger: Bear form (allows druid to take a lot of damage)

Here is what I came up with:

World of Warcraft Druid manicure

If you're interested, here is what these forms look like in game; it might help the manicure make a bit more sense, lol:

So here's how I did it.

Thumb: To recreate the Tree Form's crazy branch-and-leaf hair, I used Mash plate Mash-37, stamped with Revlon Varnished and China Glaze Passion.

Index finger: To capture Flight Form, I used the eagle from Konad plate m28, and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.

Middle Finger: To make the feather decorations that the moonkin wear, I used a feather image from plate OB40, stamped with Silver Mercedes, and used a dotting tool to make the medallion, using Varnished and Passion.

Ring Finger: To make my glowy Cat Form stealth eyes, I used the pearl white from my Migi nail art pens

Pinkie: To make my bear tracks, I used Passion and stamped with Shany plate SH11.

If you are a WoW fan, I hope this captured the spirit of the druid for you. If not, thanks for reading this far! Either way, please check out Dina's take on the WoW theme by clicking here. :)
Thanks for looking!



  1. Love these nails, and love WoW :) Inspires me to try to come up with warlock nails.

    1. OH HECK YEAH!!! I want to see when you do!!!

    2. Oh, sweety. This mani is EPIC!
      Loving the background you choose, and look at that feather and the cute little paws.

    3. Ty...I like yours better, but I think we both did good. This was very fun, thanks for doing it with me! :)

  2. OMGosh LOVE THIS!! I love WoW, too, and preordered MoP, although I'm not too happy about the new talent tree.. lol. I usually play a Dranei pally, but not sure how to make a mani out of that :\

    1. Thank you!! You could totally do it. You could do like the Blessings or Judgments on different fingers!! Deeewwww eeeetttttt! :)

  3. Love this! I also play a druid, and a priest :) Very neat! Might have to try something like this..

    1. See, you must be cool if you play a druid ::does treeform dance::

    2. haha! I love dancing bear! silly druid dances, so neat :)

    3. One of the reasons I love druid is all the extra silly dances, lol!


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