Thursday, August 9, 2012

Semi-Review: Orly's Fired Up collection

Hello there!!!

Today I'm going to do a semi-review of Orly's new Fired Up collection for you. I say 'semi' because I will be swatching two colors for you from the collection, rather than the whole thing.

To start with, here are the publicity photos for the collection:

From right to left: Flare, Flicker, Glow, Ignite, Rapture, Smolder

When I first saw this, I have to admit I was underwhelmed. I mean, I love red and all, but it's sort Red-red, orange-red, purple red...and a couple of neutrals. And, Ignite seems like a red we've all seen before, maybe even a re-naming of another Orly, and Rapture also doesn't feel that unique. At first glance, neither did Smolder. To this day I haven't seen the collection in person since my Ulta and my Sally don't have it in yet, so I was going from what I could find on the internet.

Flicker looked different enough from anything I have that I figured I'd give it a try, and I'm always looking for good golds to stamp with, so I picked up Flare as well. I ordered them, and waited.

When I opened up the box and pulled out Flicker, I was very happily surprised. This is an orange red, yes, and there are lots of orange reds out there, but this one has gorgeous depth and complexity:

Orly Flicker, indirect light
 Look at that orange-gold-coppery awesomeness. That's just amazing.

Orly Flicker, direct sunlight

Orly Flicker, direct sun: Look at that glow...

Orly Flicker, indirect light, focus on the shimmer

This polish lives up to the name of the collection--it looks like it's on fire, like flames licking up out of a campfire. This is so much prettier than that typical metallic orange-red that I thought it was going to be. Simply breathtaking.

My second polish, Flare, also did not disappoint. This is a gold with a flecked finish--yes, that's right, it's a gold metallic with a flecked finish. It appears to be made up of flecks of three different colors of gold, one of which seems to throw a little bit of an orange glow. You can see this best in the last picture, I think:

Orly Flare in indirect light

Orly Flare in direct sunlight

Orly Flare, direct sunlight, up close
I own a number of golds; most of them I use for stamping or nail art, but probably wouldn't wear them on their own. This one I completely would. It has enough texture and interest to it that it keeps visual interest.

I liked both of these colors so much that I decided to get a third--I just ordered Smolder, and will let you know what I think when I get it.

The formula on these was typical Orly for me--I always get a blotchy first coat with Orly that goes away into perfection with the second coat, and these were no different. Not sure if it's the base coat I use, but I get this consistently. :)

I you haven't already seen it, I did a post of two manicures I did playing around with these can see it by clicking here. I found them versatile and easy to work with. :)

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(the products reviewed in this post were purchased with my own money.)


  1. This looks like an interesting collection. I'm looking so much forward to see your Smoldering swatches :)

    1. Like they say on Project definitely has a point of view! :)

  2. Did the gold work for stamping? I've been looking for a good gold for stamping, any suggestions? I love these swatches.

    1. I haven't tried it for stamping yet, I'll do that and report back. But in the meantime, the best stamping polish I've found in gold is China Glaze Passion. Stamps perfectly every time, good strong image. :)

  3. Wow! Awesome Gold and Orange! Man they are great! Thanks for the awesome swatches!

  4. Thank you Pamela! I'm glad it was helpful. I agree, these are gorgeous colors. :)


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