Monday, August 27, 2012

Dupe Or NO Dupe: Ludurana Show Vs. Essence Where's The Party?


Okay, this time I know why my post previously didn't have the writing. So if you came before and saw only the pictures, I apologize! But I know what the problem is now.

Today I'm going to compare Ludurana Show and Essence Where's The Party for you. This is potentially an important Dupe-off, because one of these is very expensive and relatively hard to find and the other one isn't!

First, let's look at them in the bottle. On the left is Essence Where's The Party, and on the right is Ludurana Show:

In direct sunlight, they look very much alike; in the indirect light, they look a little bit different. Close...Now let's take a look at them on the nail.

First, here are the two colors with no underwear. Essence is on the left, Ludurana on the right, in all pictures:

Now, here they are over Wet n Wild Everyone Hates Chris:

And finally, all playing nicely together (Essence, Ludurana over black; Essence, Ludurana alone):

Definitely NO DUPE. While these polishes are both gorgeous multichromes, they are not identical. Ludurana  shows more blue-purple, while Essence shows more purple-green. So while these were close enough in the bottle to get me excited, they are definitely not really even close enough to make you happy if you really want the other one. I think they're both must-haves for polish fanatics like me. :)

Thanks for looking, and I hope to have an MSMD for you later today. :)



  1. What a great comparison post - I love both polishes! :)

    1. Me too. They are both really great, and I love that Essence is easier to get, so that people have some options there. :)

  2. Cool! And so pretty, both of them

    1. Yes, there are very pretty, I love them!

  3. I agree. Although they are similar they are definitely not dupes. Both are lovely though!

    1. Even though I took them to task, hee hee, China Glaze continues to produce some of my very favorite polishes. :)


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