Thursday, August 16, 2012

NOTD: Misa The Great Green Whatsit


A couple of days ago I did a review of some Amour glitters, and the base polish I had on what Misa's the Great Green Whatsit. My original plan was to do some stamping on it after I wore it for a while, but when the glitters came, I couldn't resist trying them out. But, this is still a really stunning polish, so I wanted to show you the swatches even if I didn't get to stamp on them.

The Great Green Whatsit is from Misa's Surreal Escape collection. It's an understated, but beautiful duochrome that shifts from a pale blue with medium blue edges to a lovely avocado-ish green. It also has a very small spray of micro-glitter in it, which makes it that much more special:

The Great Green Whatsit in the shade

Look at that duochrome shift and that pretty glitter

Misa's The Great Green Whatsit in the sun

And in case you missed it, topped by Amour's Starlet Night, Blue Night, and Relax :)

Misa does some really beautiful things with duochromes and subtle glitters that I really love. I don't see people talking much about this brand, and I think that this might be because some of their polishes look a bit boring at first site. But the ones they get right, they *really* get right, and do them like nobody else, in my opinion, and for a very reasonable price. I get mine for $3.75 on Transdesign, and I haven't had one yet I didn't like (great, I just jinxed myself, lol!). They have a new collection out, the Wanderlust Fall 2012 collection, which is currently available. I've ordered a few of these, and will report back as soon as I get them!

I should also mention that the formula on this was good, and I used three coats to make sure I got full opacity.

The only problem I have with this polish is the name! Seriously, I know they were going for a theme within the collection, but there HAD to have been a better option. :)

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(the products reviewed in this post were purchased with my own money.)

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