Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dupe Or No Dupe?: Misa Taking Chances & Revlon Fig


Remember back a while when I reviewed the Misa 2012 Fall Wanderlust collection? There was another one of the polishes (Taking Chances) that reminded me of something...Revlon's Fig Jam, to be exact.

I pulled out my Fig Jam, and my memory had not served me wrong...they looked an awful lot alike in the bottle:

But, of course, just because they look like in the bottle, doesn't mean they look alike on the nail...:


Indirect light

Direct Sunlight
Dupe! Dupe! Dupe!!

Holy moly, seriously? The only picture you can tell the slightest difference in is the direct sunlight picture, and that's just because the Misa's formula was a bit thicker, and you can see the brush strokes a bit more in that direct light (Misa is on the index and ring finger).

And really, that's the only difference I could find. Both have good application, but Revlon's is a bit thinner. So what this comes down to for me is price. If you pay full price, the Misa is cheaper. If you can get the Revlon on sale, and I can usually get it for about $1.99 on sale at CVS if I'm patient, the Revlon is cheaper. But you definitely don't need both! :)

Hope this was helpful...Thanks for stopping by. :)



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