Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dupe Or No Dupe?: Misa BreakAway vs. Zoya Tru


A little while back I did a review of my three picks from the Misa Fall 2012 Wanderlust collection. One of the polishes I got, Breakaway, reminded me a bit of something...Zoya's Tru. So, I had to grab her and compare the two to see how close they are.

Here are both polishes in the bottle:

Zoya Tru and Misa Breakaway

Tru definitely seems to have more of the coppery glitter, so maybe this isn't really a dupe after all...Let's take a look on the nails to see what we can see:

Zoya True vs. Misa BreakAway in direct sunlight

Zoya Tru vs. Misa BreakAway in indirect light 

In both of these pictures, I have Tru on my index and ring fingers, and BreakAway on my middle and pinkie fingers. I don't know about you, but...I call DUPE. I can't tell the difference between these two polishes in the sun or in the shade. The glitter levels are the same, the color is the same--dupe, dupe, dupe all the way home. If you already have one of these, you certainly don't need to get the other.

So which of these should you buy, if you want one? That's up to you, but I think I'd personally go for the Misa, because it's cheaper (approximately $4, vs. $8 for the Zoya), and the formula was just a titch easier to apply in my opinion. But mostly because of the price. :)

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for stopping by to have a look. :)



  1. Wow, no way!! I`d go for Misa as well :) Not worth the price, just for the Zoya label.

    1. I know!...and, spoiler alert, there is another dupe in this collection too...:)

    2. Yep! Well, at least I'm consistent in the colors I like, lol...:)


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