Monday, July 15, 2013

Before & After: Atomic Vernita Pines Shade


This week's theme in my Hobby Polish Blogger's group is 'Gradient'. I actually did this back before my nubbins, and I wanted to try out something a little different by having the lighter color at the tip. Not too different for other people, I know, but I tend to put my darker colors at the tip for some reason. So this is a little mini-stretch for me. :)

I started with a base of Ruby White Tips Vernita Green, a pretty olive green polish with a scatter of holographic glitter, and a few bar glitters, in it:

Ruby White Tips Vernita Green, indirect sunlight

To make my gradient, I used another Ruby White Tips polish, Lonesome Pine Trails, which is a softer, more avocado color, and Misa Got It Made In The Shade right at the tips for a really light look. Finally, I finished the whole thing off with a coat of Orly Atomic Splash, which for some reason looks more purple than gunmetal against this gradient, and I like it!

 I do like the lighter tips; I was afraid it would look too French-manicure-y, but I think it has a soft, subtle shift that reads like a gradient still. I do also love the way these colors look together, although it's so weird that the glitter looks so different on this! That's okay, I take whatever happy accidents I can get, because honestly this is so much prettier than a regular gunmetal glitter would have been. And you can't see it too well here (you can if you look closely), but the holographic glitter still shines through with a little flash of bling. :)

Hope you all are having a great day, even though it's monday! And you can find more awesome gradient manis linked below. :)

(PS: I hope to be back later today with the results of the make-your-own polish remover later today!)

Hugs and love,


  1. My previous comment didn't get through? o.O .. well, it wasn't much, just saying I think it's a great manicure and that I love gradients. :)

    1. You're not the first person to tell me their comment disappeared. I'm not sure why...ggrrrrrrrr...

  2. It looks gorgeous, I love the gradient.


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