Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: Me.Lissa Lacquer

(Some of the products in this post were provided for review.)


What a day. Let me just say that. I'm glad it's over. Because now it's time to focus on pretty polishes!

Today I have three pretties for you from Me.Lissa Lacquer. The name of this brand caught my eye because I love the name Lyssa--I love it so much, that's what I named my darling puppy. But everyone always hears 'Alyssa' or 'Melissa', and because of that I've started telling people that her name is 'Lyssa, like Melissa without the Me.' So when I saw this name, I absolutely had to go check out the polish. A silly reason to check out a polish maybe, but it turns out when I did, I found quite a large number of polishes I really liked, and knew I wanted to review the line for you if I could. :)

Melissa sent me three glitter toppers to show you, including one that just happens to be my favorite polish on her entire site. ::evil grin::

First up is Internet Stardom, part of her Social Media collection (I love that idea for a collection, btw). The colors that form the backbone of this polish are teal and orange, while gold and white play a supporting role. The shapes and sizes vary, mostly hexes and squares, with just enough stars to make a statement:

Me.Lissa Internet Stardom over Zoya Keiko

This is one coat over Zoya Keiko; I chose a grape-purple creme to really celebrate the teal and orange and I really love the result. This is one coat with a bit of dabbing; to get the stars you'll have to fish a bit, but that's pretty standard for glitters of that sort, I think. They came out pretty easily regardless, so no problem there. The formula was good--I was able to get an even coverage without much work at all, and if I wanted more coverage, that would have been easy to build with a bit more dabbing or a second coat.

Next up is NY On Summer Afternoons, from her Gatsby collection. This has a variety of colors in it-- blue, yellow, gold, peachy-pink, soft green, black, white, in hexes and squares of various sizes:

Me.Lissa Lacquer NY On Summer Afternoons over Julep Cassie

Without the black, I think this would be reminiscent of a flower garden around someone's house; the black gives it edge that turns it into a more urban vibe, and a funky, cool feel. I chose to put it over Julep Cassie, a nude (on me) peach, so that each of the colors could shine through--there is a lot going on here, and I wanted the glitter to be the star. This is one coat, with just a titch of dabbing--it went on without any problem, and I just dabbed to make sure I got even coverage.

But oh...oh, this last one...oh, man, it's my favorite by far. I love me a black and white glitter, that's no secret, but these days there are a ton of them out there, and a black/white glitter has to have something that makes it special to get any notice. This one--called QR Code (how cool is that??!!)-- is made up of squares and rectangles! Rectangles! It also has bar glitter, but I'm counting those as very slender rectangles, lol (it's my blog and I can if I want to!!):

Me.Lissa Lacquer QR Code over Julep Alaina

That makes this my first official rectangle glitter polish, which makes it cool enough just for that reason alone, but I love that it does give a different feel from other black/white toppers. She named it perfectly, it does remind me of those square UPC things, but even more, it makes me think of some crazy distorted chess board, like out of some warped wizard chess tournament that was blown apart by some wizard that was ticked off when he lost! I layered it over Julep Alaina, a neutral light gray, to keep a gray-scale feel to the manicure. This would look striking over any bold color--red, teal, purple, yellow, green, orange, you name it. It applied wonderfully, not dabbing needed, great formula. I love it and I have a feeling I'll need a full size bottle of it to replace the mini I'm going to blow through in no time. :)

Me.Lissa Lacquers are three-free, and sell for $8.50 for full-sized bottles, and $4.50 for minis. You can find her Etsy store by clicking here; she does a variety of polish types (not just glitter toppers). When you're there, be sure to check out Abuzz, T'Pau, Like, and if you're looking for the perfect New Year's Eve polish, take a look at Ain't No Party Like A Gatsby Party. :)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're having a wonderful week. :)

(The glitter toppers were sent for my honest review. The undies were all purchased by me. :) ) 


  1. Love the rectangular glitter topper but there seems to be something wrong with the Etsy link provided :)

    1. Okay, that is just flippin' weird! I used the same link for the one at the top of the post and the bottom of the post, and the top one works and the bottom one doesn't? What the heck! Anyway, thanks for letting me know, I've fixed it!! :) :) :)

  2. I. Love. Black. And. White. Glitter!!! So so pretty!!

    1. Right!? And I'm so glad to have this in time to do my black and white glitter comparison post!


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