Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Cheeky Jumbo plate 6, Happy Holidays!

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Oh yes oh yes, it's time for my review of Cheeky Jumbo plate 6, the Happy Holiday plate! This plate has holiday designs to take you through much of your holiday year, from New Year's to Christmas and most of what comes in between.

Of course I wouldn't leave you out in the cold with no dorky video to watch, so you can find that portion of my review here:

The set-up of this plate is like the ones that came before. The top third has single images, and the bottom two-thirds are full-nail images. Here are the images on the plate:

I like the blank flag you can use for anything. :)

I don't know why the boot is stomping on the flower/clover...please someone tell me...

Love the clover bouquet

Cool elf, confusing pipe...

I adore that sweet little birdie!!!

Big-nosed Reindeers are the best kind!

I'm very glad to have a stocking image :) 

Clovers to the left of me! Clovers to the right of me! Sadly, I will never be able to use that right image, because my momma always taught me that if you put your horseshoe downward like that, the luck runs out...Has to be right side up, like a 'U'! But those of you with normal brains will probably love it, lol...

Can't wait to take the 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' one and use the decal method with it, I'm going to fill it in with different shades of green. :)

International snowmen!

Pretty snowy trees and scribble trees. :)

Funky presents and gorgeous detailed Easter eggs

Those wine/champagne glasses are extremely fun. Great to wear on a wine-tasting trip!

More trees--quite a selection of different types on this plate for any mood you want to capture. :)

I love all the different Jack-O-Lantern faces! And the sexy witch is bombtastic

Bats are cool, they eat mosquitoes! So do spiders! I'm seeing an anti-mosquito theme here...

Devil. Horned. Skulls. Maximum awesomeness has been achieved.

No idea what those monsters are. Are they Wonder Pokemons?

Shining hearts and ladies of liberty. :)

My favorite on this plate is that Happy New Year might be seeing that come December...

Very versatile bunting/streamers :)

Pretty bells and so many bunnies...

How cute would it be to stamp inside of those ornaments with another stamp??

Another incredibly cute little chick...:)

Can't wait to use these Candy Canes! 

The stamping quality on these plates is great--I tested out 4 images (you can see this in the video), and they all stamped very well, from fine lines to solid areas. The images are the same size as other Cheeky jumbo plates (like the alphabet series), and as you can see in the picture below, they are slightly larger than the standard Konad-sized image:

Cheeky Jumbo plate 6 vs. Konad

For more information about the exact dimensions, see my nail comparison post with Posh Nail Art's nail comparison chart by clicking here. :)

Just like the other plates in this series, this plate is full of a variety image for an incredibly low price; at last check, each individual plate sells on Amazon for $9.49, and you can get them cheaper by buying in bundles. You can't beat that price with a stick. :)

If you have any questions or anything, let me know! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Replies
    1. They are pretty darn cute. I also just got the Bundle Monster Holiday collection, and will post it as soon as I'm done with the Cheeky plates. It's a little less cutesy in tone, for people who prefer that. :)

  2. Love a lot of these! I just ordered my first Cheeky plates the other day, so maybe I'll have to consider this one in my next order. Hmmmmmm.... Haha. :)

  3. Adorable designs. This will be a lot of fun this fall/winter. But I see some great spring designs too with the chicks and eggs and really I could use this stamping plate year 'round.

    1. They definitely do a good job with that. I'm even more impressed by the Bundle Monster plate in that respect--they have more than just the traditional American-type designs, and can be used with even more flexibility, I think.

  4. Wow, that should keep you busy for a while :D Nifty, all the holiday themes you need on one [giant??] plate. I especially like the Irish theme..

    1. I can't wait to have a chance to just sit and play with them all...:)


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