Saturday, July 6, 2013

Putting it to the test: Mash Nail Files


Recently MASH sent me some nail art products to try out and review, and in that box they included two nail files for me to try, as well.

Up until now I've had a pretty simple black file with the same grade on both sides, and I used it for pretty much everything. But as you know, I've had some problems with my nails since I had my huge move and had to go through every single belonging I owned over the course of a few weeks. It destroyed my cuticles and put crazy stress on my nails, and I've been trying to get them healthy ever of the problems I have, particularly on my right hand, is that once I get a break, my nails will peel for all eternity.

When I got these files I looked them over and had a little bit of an epiphany. They have several different grades of grit, each designed for a different thing. I've seen files that had different grades on them before--but these tell you what each different surface is for. I had never really considered that before, lol! Here's what I mean:

Step 1: Course grit to shape nail. I have that one down pretty well.

Step 2: Medium grit to refine the shape. What's that you say? Maybe I should use a finer grade when I'm finishing the shape of my nails? Huh. Interesting idea...that might cut down on peeling...

Step 3: Fine grit to smooth edges of nail. Hmm...that sounds like code for 'smooth away those edges that keep wanting to peel'...maybe I should try that...

Step 4: Condition nail. Okay, not sure what this means, but probably it would be a good way of finishing off those edges I just smoothed away...

Step 5: Smooth nail. This might be useful for that ridge I get sometimes on my ring finger, if I'm careful...

Step 6: Nail buffer. I've heard I have to be careful here, don't buff too much or I'll weaken my nail...

Step 7: Polish and shine. Well, who doesn't want shiny nails! Okay, you never actually see mine 'cause I always have on polish, but still. It's nice to have that option should I want it.

The small file they sent has only 6 sides, but the main steps are still represented:

So I decided to give these files a shot, and use a more gentle approach, particularly on those nails prone to peeling. I've been doing that for several weeks now, and while I've had a few breaks that have kept me in a nubbins phase, I am very happy to report that the peeling has diminished almost entirely! I've combined that with a thick base coat on those nails, and they've become stronger and stronger, and are almost normal again.

I realize that most of you are probably like 'Umm...DUH!!', and fair enough, lol. I do feel like this is something I should have known. But, I'm glad I know now, and I'm very thankful that these files walked me through the process.

If you're looking for good files, I can tell you that I've had good results with these, and I'd definitely recommend them!

Thanks for reading, and big hugs!

(The files in this post were sent for my honest review.)


  1. Haha, yeah, I love these files with step-by-step directions :) I've gone through a few already, because, well...I usually buy some cheapo versions which of course don't last long, but do their job satisfyingly. I use them after shortening/filing nails down with a glass-wannabe file (of the cheapo variety, too, of course).

    Good to hear they're helping your nails get better.

    1. I keep meaning to try a glass file...any recommendations? :)

    2. ah, sorry, I'm useless here, really can't recommend any as I normally just buy the cheapest available at my local drugstore (its own brand, actually, it wouldn't mean anything to you :))

    3. Oh, no problem, I'll just get off my tush and do some research, lol. :)

  2. I really need one of these. my old one if all broken after being dragged all over the world.

    1. I've had a couple of people suggest a glass file...I'm going to try that out too...:)

    2. I had glass files for a long time, but I just break them in my bag, so gave up trying. I hear the ones from BPS are okay, the ones I used where from Sally Beauty Supply.

    3. I just bought one from Sephora testing out a reader tip, and it came with a case. It works well, too--all for $10. :)


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