Friday, July 12, 2013

Before & After: Briars of flowers


I just managed to get my hands on a-England Briarwood, one of their new Burne-Jones collection, and it was absolutely worth the wait and the price. In my opinion, it is by far the best of an already impressive collection. It's a deep maroon-burgundy-brownish red soft linear holographic, and if that sounds like a confusing color description, it's because this is such a pretty, special color. Unlike the other polishes in the collection, this is not a scattered holo, but actual has that linear flash--it's subtle, but it is absolutely there:

a-England Briarwood, direct sunlight

Check out that rainbow flash :)

This is one of the most unique holos I've seen, and I adore it. While I do like strong holos, I have a soft spot in my heart for these slightly more subtle holos; I think they have an elegance to them, and I adore it. a-England seems to be phenomenal about producing polishes that capture that sort of elegant splendor. :)

So what kind of nail art do you do on a polish like this, which is already mesmerizing? I was inspired by the Nail Challenge Collaborative's July theme of flowers, and decided to do something with a subtle spray of flowers to accent the spray of holographic flash in the polish. I stamped with China Glaze Passion to complement the gold in the sparkle of the polish, and I used an image from Konad plate m5. Finally, I added a few extra dots to amp up the design just a little:

I was supposed to redo my nails last night, and I still have this on, because I love this polish so much, and I love the accent so much. Yes, I believe this polish is definitely back-up worthy...

Please also check out the other flower manicures from week 2 of NCC's flower month, linked below. :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day!


  1. Really gorgeous, there aren't many brown holos around x

  2. err, too brown for my liking :) (the only acceptable "form" of brown for me is as hair colour, chocolate and coffee! :D), but I really do like the accent nail!

  3. I love this polish!! So so pretty!! I wish I knew where to get this brand where I live.

    1. I just went and stalked your blog to see if I could figure out where you live, and then realized it doesn't matter! You can get this the same place I did, they ship in the US and internationally.; if that doesn't work for you for some reason, try This was just released a few days ago (I was lucky enough to snag one the day it came out), so you might have to wait for a restock. :)

  4. Brown is sure my thing, so love love it!


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