Sunday, November 17, 2013

Before & After: I'm in the mood for...


Okay, yesterday we took mini break from fall with some bright colors. Today, I'm in the mood for fall, baby. In fact, I'm in the mood for Thanksgiving.

'I'm in the mood for Thanksgiving...simple because yams're near me...'

Ahem. Sorry about that. The thing is, today's theme in Adventures In Stamping is 'I'm in the mood for ___". And yes, I am in fact in the mood for Thanksgiving.

It all started with this incredible custom that InDecisive Lacquer made for me, and rusty orange brown crelly with all sorts of brown, gold, orange and pinky-purple hex and circle glitters...I decided to name it Zea Mays, because I think it came out looking like the most beautiful Indian corn you've ever seen:

InDecisive Nail Lacquer Zea Mays

This, my friends, is one coat. That's right, you heard me, only one coat. I could have divided it into two coats, or put one thin coat over something else. But seriously now--a crelly that looks this good in one coat, no dabbing, no fussing? Oh yes, sooo nice...

BTW, I have been trying to convince Aleksandra that she should make this part of her line. I think it's a such a perfect color for fall and so packed with glitter. What do you think?

Anyway, having established an wonderful fall feel with this base, I decided to do my first Thanksgiving mani for the year with it. I stamped using Bundle Monster H11 and H13; I stamped the corn leaf things with China Glaze passion, and the cornucopia with Konad black. Then I pulled out the acrylics and painted over the stamped image to bring it to life; I think this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite time saving techniques:

 I love how it came out, but I'd stamp the leaf things down further next time to let more of the base polish show.

What about you--are you looking forward to Thanksgiving?

Thanks for stopping by today! Big hugs,


  1. Very holiday appropriate! The stamping looks pretty cool over the glitter/jelly. I like!!

  2. Lovely! This came out great with the stamping. The orange base looks very wearable :)

    1. It is, surprisingly so! I think I have to wear it on Thanksgiving day. :)

  3. Mmmmm...candied yams...can I lick your nails?


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