Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: My picks from the Zoya Satins


I'm back with my picks from the second half of Zoya's fall offerings, the Satins. I love Zoya shimmers, and there were plenty in this collection I loved...

Let's start with what might be the quintessential fall polish, Zoya Channing. This is a rusty pumpking/yam/burnt sienna sort of color that epitomizes fall leaves and holiday deserts:

Zoya Channing

This is two coats, and the formula is wonderful and applies perfectly. I suspect this will be getting worn at least once on this last stretch of time leading up to Thanksgiving. :)

Next is a Zoya Giovanna, a shimmery teal that leans a greener than I expected it to:

Zoya Giovanna

This is again 2 coats, with a wonderful formula and application. When I wore this, and in my pictures, it leans far more green that I'd seen in other pictures, so I'm not sure if I just got a strange bottle or if there was an issue with the pictures I was looking at. In fact, in some lights, this is almost emerald. For my part, I have a ton of blue-leaning teals, so I'm very glad to get one that hits the other end of the teal spectrum. :)

Next up, Zoya Neve, an extremely rich royal blue that goes to violet around the edges:

Zoya Neve

Again 2 lovely coats. :) This is one of my favorite polishes of the fall, I adore it--it's rich, it's mysterious, it's a blue that reads pure elegance. But maybe you're thinking you'd like to see it with a little glitz...

So let's have a look at it with Maria Luisa, a gold flake topper:

Zoya Maria Luisa over Zoya Neve

If you've been wanting one of the gold-flake toppers that have been all the rage, but don't want to pay the price for real gold (I admit, it's not one of my top priorities to pay $30 for a topper...), this is the perfect solution for you. I think this is a gorgeous alternative for an extremely reasonable price.

And last for today, Zoya Mason, a magenta purple shimmer that fills me with joy:

Zoya Mason

2 coats, perfect application. What I love about this polish is the complexity--there is a blueish flash and little flecks of pink and blue, that keep the surface of the polish interesting. This is a very versatile color that will flatter lots of skin tones. :)

I loved the formula on all of these, and the range of colors, even if not incredibly adventurous, is well done. I'm really happy with both the Cashmere and the Satin collections. Something for everyone--another great season from Zoya, with tons of happy happy joy joy in every bottle. :)

Hope you found something you enjoy!

Hugs and love,


  1. I picked almost the same colors as you did. Actually all the same but Maria Luisa that I didn't buy.

    1. Great minds think alike! Did you have the same experience with Giovanna being really green?

  2. Neve is stunning, I could take or leave the rest but your swatches and photography on these are amazing x

    1. Thank you so much! And so good to see you, I've missed you!! :)

  3. That gold topper really changed the look of Neve. All these colors look so bright and rich, but I think Channing is my favorite, if only because it is the color family I lean towards during this time of the year.

    1. Channing is really special. It's so easy to make an orange brown too orange or too brown or too something. But this one is really soothing and seasonal. :)


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