Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: Pretty Julep Fall colors

(All polishes purchased with my own money.)


Recently I had three lovely fall Julep colors land in my inbox, and I can no longer resist showing them to you. :)

Let's begin with the lovely duochrome glass-flecked wonder that is Julep Karmen:

Julep Karmen, 2 coats, indirect outdoor light

This looks to me like someone took the most vibrant red, orange, and yellow fall leaves, threw them into a blender, added a touch of magic, and hit the 'awesomesauce' setting. I love the different colors that peek out from all over the place, and I love the duochromy effect. This is my absolute favorite fall polish I've seen this year. This is two coats, but if I had been careful, I could have managed one.

And on another slot in the fall continuum, we have Julep Tatiana, and orange-brown-gold flecked beauty:

Julep Tatiana, two coats, artificial light

If you're not into the bright orange sort of look, or are just looking for something that's really fall but a little more understated, this is the lovely for you. You might be sensing that I really love the fleck finishes--I think they give so much visual interest and depth. Le Sigh.

And to turn to the grape-harvest side of fall, we have Julep Reece, a glorious grape with a hint of color shift and a shower of holographic glitter:

I love the rich color of this one, and of course the beautiful reflective holographic glitter just sends it over the top. I've seen other similar polishes, and love that this one is one of the best done I've seen and is an affordable alternative. This one also is a great transition into winter with all of those amazing jewel-toned outfits lying in wait for us. :)

Hope you enjoyed my little walk through my favorite recent Julep pretties, and I hope your Thursday is amazing!

Hugs and love,

(All polishes purchased with my own money.)


  1. I ordered Karmen and Tatiana a couple days ago with the 50% off coupon. So excited to get them :)

    1. You are going to love them, they are just great in every way. :)

  2. Karmen is beautiful, and I usually don't like those orangey-red colors. And Reece looks like the most delicious glass of celestial grape juice. <3

    1. That is one of the best descriptors, evah---'glass of celestial grape juice'!!!


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