Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: My picks from the China Glaze Autumn Nights collection

(The polishes in this post were purchased with my own money.)


Today I'm celebrating fall by showing you the colors that I chose from The China Glaze Fall 2013 Autumn Nights collection. Some of the colors in the collection are fairly predictable in my opinion--not that there's anything wrong with that, because classics are a part of any good polish collection. But what really caught my attention were the slightly more interesting looks in this collection that I love.

The first of these is Goldie But Goodie, a mottled golden metallic:

China Glaze Goldie But Goodie, indirect overcast outdoor light

This is two coats, amazing formula and application, and it exemplifies what I mean about the looks in this collection. It has a metallic-flecked appearance, which gives the polish depth and interest. I don't normally wear silvers, golds and coppers without nail art, but I will with this one. It makes me think of a pile of autumn leaves. :)

Next I have Rendezvous With You, a dark grape-purple with a silver-flecked appearance

China Glaze Rendezvous With You, artificial light

Indirect outdoor light

In this case, the purple is flecked with a silvery-purple, and the effect gives dimension here, too. This is two coats, with excellent formula and application. This has the feel of a soft rain on the pavement late at night, when the streetlights are dancing off the droplets. :)

Strike Up A Cosmo is still another flecked beauty; this one plays with a medium red-based purple and golden-silver flecks:

China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo, indirect outdoor light

I think this is a beautiful color for any season, and let's just say it puts visions of sugarplums into my head...This is two coats, and it also applies like a dream.

And my last pick from this collection is Tongue & Chic, not of the fleck-finish variety, but instead a luscious blackened teal (please excuse the slight Seche Shrinkage, I applied too fast and didn't have time to redo the swatches):

This is again two coats of wonderful formula & application. As of this writing, I have three blackened teals in my life, all of them somewhat different in important ways, and each one amazing. What I love by this is it has an almost metallic edge and to it, and the blackened-ness flits all around throughout rather than just at the edges.

So there you have it! The pretties I couldn't resist from China Glaze's fall offerings. :)

Hope your Monday goes by in a flash!
M. :)

(The polishes in this post were purchased with my own money.)


  1. Rendezvous With You & Tongue & Chic ♥

    1. I do love them all, but yep, those are my two favorites. Great minds think alike, Dahling!! <3


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