Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Cheeky Jumbo Plate 9 (Wild At Heart)

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I'm back with Cheeky Jumbo plate 9, Wild At Heart. :)

First though, if you missed it, I'm holding a giveaway, don't forget to check it out!

This plate has an animal theme, and has a ton of cute animals, animal prints and more. And I don't just mean animals--I mean animals doing things. Like having tea. And playing instruments. But don't worry if that's not your thing--it isn't really my thing, and there is plenty else on the plate worth loving. :)

Let's get the crazy video out of the way, lol:

And then we can move on to the description. This is the last plate that is divided into one-third small images and two-thirds full-nail images. Many of them are designed to coordinate, and that gives a lot of creative flexibility. There are several general styles that carry across each plate in the series--some cutesy images, some elegant images, and some fairly typical images. You can find images on each plate that go with others on other plates style-wise.

Here are stills of the images:

I cannot tell you how glad I am that my kitties can't play maracas...

Happy drunken dancing panda is my hero...

I'm not a cutesy person but I love that butterfly...adorbables!! seems like there's at least always one in every group that looks fine until I put it in here on 'x-large'...sorry

Flamingos and dancing kitties. :)

Fishes and hippos and pigs and something I'm not sure what it is...

How can you not love those faces!

Grandma kitty tells you to cut your hair and get a job

I love both those chicks and those dragonflies :)

Single-cell organism blobs FTW!

Awwwww...curled up kitties!!!!!!

Fishies and dolphins :)

Under da sea...under da sea...

Smiley ladybugs :)

Crazy drunken dancing pandas + 12 Monkeys psycho monkey faces = full of unintended awesome

Cute kitten and puppy and panda faces. :)

Fancy elephants

I love those sheep...and the bamboo-esque strokes are pretty awesome

Run horsies, run!!

One can never have enough paw prints

Shatters and swirls

Birdies and broken hearts which appear to be oozing blood...(yikes)

Coolest snails ever. Snails are cannibals, btw. True story.

Awww...cute little bees...:)

Slightly less menacing monkeys...but I'd watch out for those pigs...

The stamping test I did (you can see it in the video), went fine--these images stamp well, no quality problems at all. In terms of size, like the other plates, these are a bit taller and wider than the standard Konad images, and are the same size as the images on other Cheeky jumbo plates

Comparison of Cheeky Jumbo plate 9 images vs. Standard Konad plate

The best thing about these plates, in my opinion, is the price. Normally jumbo plates with this many images sell for between $20-$25 dollars, and this plate is currently selling for $10.49 (I just noticed that some of the plates have gon up to $11.99). You can get them for even less if you buy one of their bundles. To me, that's a great deal, even if you'll only use half of the images on the plate.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by! I hope this has been helpful, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)


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