Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Cheeky Jumbo Plate 8 (Princess Charming)

(Purchased by me. Affiliate links)


Guess what!? I have finished all the videos for these, have edited them, and am in the process of uploading them! So finally, finally I'll be able to finish these within the week!! Yay!!!!! Then I can move on and review the Bundle Monster Holiday set for you. :)

Today we have Cheeky Jumbo plate 8: Princess Charming!

Of course, as always, because that's just how I roll, I've created a video that shows the plate in motion and has my jibber jabber over it. You can watch that here (or go directly to my YouTube channel here):

Just like most of the other plates in the series, the top third of the plate is single images and the bottom two thirds are full-nail images. The theme on this one is 'Princess Charming', so it's a fairytale-love type of deal going on.

Awww...Princesses, crowns and kisses...

The prince and the royal...helicopter?

Princess ballerina and her castle (this picture looks horrible at this size, I'll retake it)

I love the girl in silhouette and the pudgy kitty!

Skulls and owls...every princess needs both (well, I do, anyway)

Happy bunny! 

Bouquets and hearts

That frog is just rockin'

Love letters and rainbows. :)

There's my frog again, and I love those hearts-within-hearts

I love that medallion pattern

Love that flourishy frond. :)

More flourishes for mah collection, and some crowns, too. :)

Lips n lips n more lips

Flowers and medieval florets

Love the delicate flowers and the geometric patters within patterns. :)

I love the interlocking curls

I adore both the mermaid and that Tuscan flower-pot pattern

A different pattern-within-a-pattern and some cloud-like flounces

Dinosaurs (or dragons, as a reader pointed out!), and another interlocking pattern that could go well with the other one

And here on the left we have possibly my favorite image over all 10 beautiful...

This profile is one of my favorites, too...

How awesome is that mermaid?

It's the circle of crowns...::cue music::

Purses are best when they're on sale

Some of these images are not fully my thing, I must admit, but most of them are really nice and some of my very favorites in the set are on this plate. It's certainly the most girly of the set, and I love the way the patterns and the themed images work well together. It's possibly the most cohesive plate of the set, I think.

I did a stamping test in the video, and I had no problems with the plates; some of the images with really fine lines do require you to work a little faster, but that's the case with any plate. In terms of size, these are the same as the alphabet Cheeky series if you have any of them, and they are a little bit bigger than the standard Konad plates, in both height and width:

Cheeky Jumbo plate 8 vs. Konad

I know I'm repeating myself with each review, lol, but what can I say, these are good quality plates at a great price. Last I saw they were hovering at $11 a plate, which is still less than half the price of what similar plates from other brands will cost you. The only issue is whether or not you like the images you see here. :)

You can find these plates on Amazon, and while they're sold individually, you can get a better price by buying them in groups.

Are there any images here you'd like to see tested out or in manicures? Let me know and I'll do it if I can! :)

Hugs and loves,

(The plate in this review was purchased with my own money.)


  1. Some really cute images on these plates! :) Definitely agree that its girly too.

    1. If I had a little girl, I would so get this plate and do mother-daughter manicures...:)

  2. Haha, I love it how excited you were about that "pudgy kitty" - you're right, it is adorable.
    Overall, yeah, a bit too "cutesy"/girly plate, but with some fun and sweet images (the frog & the dinosaur! :))

    1. Pudgy kitty makes me squeeeee....I want to rub his pudgy wittle bewwy!!!!

      Okay, enough of that, lol...

  3. Lovely plates! I want to try them but I can't find them at Turkey.These are so useful stuffs for nail polish addicts and bloggers like us :)

    1.'d think that by now someone would buy them and put them up on eBay or something for the international market that can't get them...but shipping is probably too expensive to make that worth it...:(

  4. Some lovely intricate images, love that art nouveau style one!! Great review.

  5. I just got this same plate, and I love the full nail images. I am planning on trying a couple of them with the next manicure. I've got a few of Cheeky's large plates, and the number of images on them are more than worth the price. I don't see many people reviewing these plates, so thank you for that!

    1. You are welcome, my pleasure!! I agree, the price is just phenomenal. Even if you only like 1/3 of the images, it's completely worth the price you pay for them!!

  6. Pretty sure it's a dragon and not a dinosaur...

    1. Well that would just make a whole lot more sense, wouldn't it?? ROFL >.<

    2. Yeah, but the wings on that poor dragon makes him look more like a dino tho. Lovely video ♥

    3. That is very sweet of you to find a way for me to save face from my dorkiness, lol! And thank you both for catching that, and for the compliment! :)

  7. OMG! Love this plate. I showed my five year old the images. She wants to know when she can have princesses on her fingernails. "But not lips, Mommy! Because kissing is gross! Eww!!" Lol...I hope she stays like that for a long time. Thanks for sharing. I think this is one plate I'll be ordering soon. :)

    1. Awwwwwww...that's the cutest thing ever!!! Thanks for sharing that, you brought a huge smile and laugh to my day! <3


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