Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review: MoYou London Cookbook Collection 03

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Here is the last of my three-part series on the two coffee-themed plates from the MoYou London Cookbook collection--if you're like me, you can't get enough coffee, and you can't get enough of these plates.

Yesterday I reviewed plate 04; click here to see that review.

Today I'm reviewing plate 03; let's start with the video:

This is, in essence, the XL version, and plate 04 is the 'regular-sized' version. In case you haven't seen my comparison video of MoYou London's XL vs. regular-sized images, it basically breaks down like this: the regular-sized images are almost the same size as Konad images, while the XL images are larger. So if you have longer/wider nails and generally struggle with Konad, you probably want the XL plates. But if you have smaller nails or want to make sure you get the entire image on your nail and don't care about the negative space, the regular-sized images are the way to go.

Here are the stills of the plate:

MoYou London Cookbook 03
MoYou London Cookbook 03

MoYou London Cookbook 03

MoYou London Cookbook 03

I love the latte foam images on these plates sooooo much, and I adore the bottom image on this plate, with the steam flourishes going over the words. I think this would make an amazing manicure stamped over the five nails, transitioning from one portion to the next of the image.

Two days ago I showed you the manicure I did with these plates (click here to go to that post); here it is again, so you can take a look at the image on my middle finger, which is from this plate:

You can see that the center portion of the image fit completely over my nails, leaving little room for the surrounding dots (my nails are super curvy, but yes the 'C' and the second 'E' are there). So if you want the smaller version of this image and the others like it, stick with plate 04.

I hope this series of posts have helped you decide whether these plates are right for you! Now I'm off to throw back some espresso...mmmmmm...



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