Saturday, May 19, 2012

Comparison: Similar Blues (Or, the 'Overlap In My Blue Collection Blues')


Today I have a comparison of some blues in my collection. I noticed I had a few that were somewhat similar, and wanted to see exactly how similar. So if you're looking to buy this sort of blue, maybe this will help you pick or rule out one or two. :)

From left to right:

NYC Empire State Blue: Two coats. Sort of a shimmery medium denim color. I used this as the base color for my Sharks mani a while back.

Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost: Two coats. This is the perfect teal shimmer, in my opinion.

Revlon Tidal Wave: Two coats. A nice ocean blue.

Maybelline Timely Turquoise: Two coats. This is just a little lighter than Tidal Wave; Also a nice shimmery blue.

Thanks for looking. :)


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